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    CBD oil truth

    Is it actual CBD or is it hemp oil? I'm not sure, but I don't think it's "illegal" (yet) to sell plain hemp oil as CBD oil. I've seen a few products say CBD that were just cold pressed hemp oil.... Huge difference. As was said, you're gonna spend around 80-100$ for a legit product.
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    max dose for alpha yohimbine?

    I use 99.9% pure yohimbine hcl @8-12mg per dose, 3-4x/day
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    does a tall person have a harder time weight training?

    Brian Shaw and Hafthor Bjornsson are 6'7" or so. Therefore, I'd say it matters more if you're a "hard gainer" - your overall genetic potential, and also your work ethic/discipline. Simply being tall isn't going to make training harder.
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    preworkout with fat burner

    I've been using a product called Gorilla Mode (from Gorilla Mind), can't say enough good about it. I also take 4mg of 99% yohimbine hcl a few times a day. I've had great results. Now, back in the day there was a product called NYC stack; it was Norephedrine, yohimbine, and caffeine...
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    cycle setup, let me know

    Cyp and Enth seems pointless. Cyp and Prop might be better. That said, one single ester is probably a better idea. Personally, I did much better with Cyp vs Sust.
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    Got a lump after injection. What should do?

    Heating pad and ice pack, rotate every 15 minutes. When using heating pad, GENTLY massage area in circular motion. If you don't have a heating pad, get a washrag or hand towel and dampen it, put it in the microwave to warm it... It will be hot!
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    how to build up the back?

    Deadlift is where I'd start. Then rows and pull ups and pull downs. There's a bunch of variations for deadlifts and even more for rows. I suggest choose one of each and stick with it for about 6 weeks before changing to a new variation.
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    OTC blood pressure

    That said, BP is no joke. Try and find a free/sliding scale clinic. BP meds are cheap. But yeah, if it's while on cycle and not normally. Better off posting the cycle/doses. I know I said beets but at 160-170, something more drastic than beets may be needed. And what was the pressure? 160/?
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    OTC blood pressure

    Beet root powder, juiced beets might help.
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    pre workout supplement

    Gorilla Mode.... You're welcome. If you don't want the stim, get the Gorilla Mode Nitric.
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    muscle milk good for a budget?

    Ephedra, tribulus, longjack, maca, yohimbe, etc. are "herbals", not sure which he was referring to.
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    stacking citruline and creatine

    Citrulline or citrulline malate is commonly mixed with creatine in pre-workout formulas.
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    are people using CEE?

    Try the extra water.... Consume 12-16oz water after dosing mono. See if you have the same problem... Not saying it's definite, but it does help most people.
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    test booster with TRT good or too much?

    I'll chime in late and repeat what was said... The trt is all the test boosting/supp'ing you need.