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First order with Naps. I’ve only received part of it. Ordered a week ago today and received all of the biomex labs order. Everything looks great, nice and clean. Packaging is great and the products arrived in top condition. Still waiting on the Blue Tops and HCG to ship. Crazy getting a good chunk of an order before the rest even ships! But I’m happy so far with what I’ve gotten and hopefully I will be seeing a shipping notification for the remainder of the order soon. I’m a high stress person so this whole avenue is a roller coaster for someone like myself. Anyway, will update when the rest arrives and I’m certain it’ll be a 5 ⭐️ experience from start to finish.
ordered from ironlion on August 2nd, it's September 19 and I still don't have my package. Scammed out of my money and lied to by their reps.
Scammers who send counterfeit hgh and steal your money.
I would NEVER buy from them stay away use napsgear instead.
Ironlion sells fake hgh don't buy from them
I got fake ass orange tops from them did blood work and IGF-1 levels crashed!
3rd cycled picked up from napsgear.org
tbol test and mast
ran 40mgs tbol 400mgs test enan and 300mgs of mast enan
hella good pumps and getting big and thick, last week i pushed 405 on the bench for 12 reps