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    Puritysourelabs vs

    PSL is on top now it looks like.
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    I stay away from seafood, too much mercury.
  3. buzzcut

    leg day throw up

    You're training too hard if you throwing up IMO.
  4. buzzcut

    melanotan 2

    I use mt2 only during cutting cycles, it messes up my appetite. You should lower dose.
  5. buzzcut

    oral capsule questions

    it's possible it's sugar why not, only buy from trusted guys
  6. buzzcut

    need help from sweden

    Dont use letrozole on cycle, that stuff will mess up your estrogen.
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    10mgs of superdrol but be careful make sure to use organ support with it.
  8. buzzcut

    female interested in primo

    I wouldnt use steroids as a female. If you want to use something, try sarms.
  9. buzzcut

    trouble down there

    Something natural maybe hcgenerate es.
  10. buzzcut

    glad to be back on bolex

    Thanks :)
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    high dose primobolan?

    I had no prostate issues with primo. It's possible though some guys do.
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    best steroid for first cycle?

    First cycle maybe better test and EQ or masteron, not sure deca is a good 1st time steroid.
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    want to improve reflex

    Skipping rope makes you faster but if other guys using stims you'll lose IMO.
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    Where to buy steroids online?

    Do you guys have sources you recommend? I just got back on the horse looking for a source.
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    trusted sources here?

    so who are the trusted source here these days?