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    Doggcrapp training

    What about doggcrapp training for your upper body?
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    Doggcrapp training

    Has anyone on here ever run Doggcrapp training and if so what type of results did you achieve?
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    Injectable Dbol

    Just wondering has anyone used injectable Dbol and if so what were your results?
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    Alternate injection sites

    I pin my Lats
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    Winter Bulk With Deca

    This is my first time throwing Deca in the mix, Just curious what’s everyone’s experience running Deca and what were your results? Thank you
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    Tren And Deca

    So just wondering what’s everyone experience running Tren and Deca together in the same cycle, What we’re your results and what weekly dose were you running?
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    Power cleans

    Do u feel the power cleans have help put muscle mass on?
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    Knee pain

    I started feeling a little knee pain on my right knee on the outside while doing barbell squats today, Anyone have any good suggestions on what supplements might help heal it?
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    Power cleans

    Who does power cleans in there programs and what benefits do you receive from them?
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    What weekly dose of B12 injectable do you guys recommend?
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    Which brand of B12 from napsgear?
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    Working Out Early Morning

    I am going to start working out before I go to work each morning in my garage gym, So I have to get up around 330 am in order to hit a good workout, Anyone else workout before work?
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    Anyone have a good source for injectable B12? Already hit up Domestic Supply they are out of stock.
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    Shot pain

    Let me ask u guys when I did my shot this morning it hurt and burned so bad, I usually use a 23 gauge but today used a 25 gauge could that be the reason?
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    Test suspension

    Hey guys which source and brand of test suspension do you guys recommend and think is the best?