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    Check out my new split

    It is a good plan, i like the layout. i would do some stretching too
  2. JasonPriest

    When to give up dairy

    anything that upsets your stomach should be stopped
  3. JasonPriest

    Domestic-Supply First Order Review

    its only been a few days. have they got back to you? if not let us know. Try shooting greg another message he is definitely around now
  4. JasonPriest

    Supplement mixes?

    it is a fancy way for companies to lie about what is in the product
  5. JasonPriest

    My true review

    don't use them again, too risky use domestic supply and you will be glad you did. they have been around a long time and always top quality
  6. JasonPriest

    Oral stack and maybe 1 injectable

    run the anavar from domestic supply. do 50-60mgs a day its a great oral to use
  7. JasonPriest

    Approved Domestic Supply TD! ZPHC!

    Test + Var is a great stack I like to run them to recomp too
  8. JasonPriest

    Approved Domestic Supply TD! ZPHC!

    You will love this stack Dman both Dylan and I absolutely love domestic supply. they are a 5 star source
  9. JasonPriest

    Extremely Low Testosterone- Recommendations Encouraged

    71ng/dl is low. you are either still suppressed hard or you need more time
  10. JasonPriest

    Best way to use winstrol

    I don't mind injecting it, i am the minority
  11. JasonPriest Quality review

    yeah i don't trust these guys i get my stuff from domestic supply only. no need to try another source
  12. JasonPriest Quality review reddit

    domestic supply is the place to go if you want the most quality products and the lowest prices domestic you will find greg is an absolute joy to work with
  13. JasonPriest

    Summer heat and sleep

    I have no AC in my home and its been horrible this summer so i understand I use a ceiling fan and i sleep naked and take a cold shower
  14. JasonPriest

    Bridging with supplements

    you can use n2bm products