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    Yes we do!!

    Been interested in this compound.ratios crazy.actually running npp and tren a now.maybe sometimes in the future will try this out
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    Approved Won't stop till we're legend! UncleZ Log!!

    Good update.glad sides leveled out for u.keep pushing
  3. Jbswole40

    Detox supplements

    Take yo lick u get off drugs now Good luck
  4. Jbswole40

    Non injection steroid options

    Sarms orTbol/dbol or tbol anavar+ n2gaurd.or buy you a lock box and keep your gear in can find pills too.either way u Def wanna keep it away from them.
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    Geneza is A++

    Geneza top notch quality.
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    Approved Won't stop till we're legend! UncleZ Log!!

    Good update, glad your sleep is getting better
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    Testosterone choices geneza

    All geneza g2g.ran both cyp & e.not a sust or prop fan,but I have used e & prop together.i would just pick 1 & roll with it.good luck bro
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    Video How to use and dose Primobolan: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Love DG videos, great knowledge very informative.
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    EP/UncleZ Line Crystal Clear|Pro.Carrier Oils Clarification (The truth about quality)

    Have run many ep products,smooth oils &my bloodwork shows it g2g
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    NapsGear napsgear is my new favorite source

    Naps great source.multiple brands great sales.g2g.
  11. Jbswole40

    Blending testosterone with EQ

    400 test 600 eq,+ up calories. (Good/clean calories)
  12. Jbswole40

    Geneza Great job geneza again

    Nice cycle bro,I ran similar one last year w gp test e ,eq & finish w anavar.
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    PuritySourceLabs Your boys are BACK with a 20-30% OFF SALE!

    30% off jump on it.psl great source
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    Steroids Your boys are BACK with a 20-30% OFF SALE! at PSL

    great source running test dhb mast,PSL g2g