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  1. RickRock

    Multi vitamins that work

    Thats pretty common
  2. RickRock

    Using anavar with testosterone

    Just run 500 test the whole cycle
  3. RickRock

    Much respect to umbrella sarms

    Imbrella labs is awesome. Between them and are the best in the business
  4. RickRock

    Video How to properly use and dose Halotestin: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Halo isn't a smart option. It has no practical use and is as harsh as it gets
  5. RickRock

    Sarms a good option for me?

    Dylan has you covered here
  6. RickRock

    Salad bar additions

    Keep the additions to a minimum but im not telling you to completely avoid them who the hell wants to eat salad greens with nothing added? Not this guy
  7. RickRock

    Pore favor acne supplement

    Not familiar with it
  8. RickRock

    Organic lemon powder

    Just use real lemons
  9. RickRock has really good orals

    Id recommend sticking with trusted sources
  10. RickRock

    Stacking in anavar oxandrolone

    50mg per day is perfect
  11. RickRock

    Need Help ! My order says delivered but didnt receive nothing!!

    Why not contact the source and ask
  12. RickRock complicated problems

    Id steer clear. Youre far better off going with PSL. A name you can trust
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