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    how long to run HGH?

    I’m a 3.3 Iu a day guy, 6 days a week. Makes it 2 vials per week, easy to plan. At 5 iu my hands were hurting, numbness.
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    key to gigantic triceps

    I had good results with close grip bench press
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    how long to run HGH?

    I agree, I used it for 4-5 months before I realized the effects I was looking for with GH
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    too much AI?

    Can you get bloods drawn?
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    first time lifter, how much weight?

    Agree with Steve, the bar is the place to start, but here is my other 2 cents, the one thing I wish I would have known at 18. Warm up the joints, warm up the muscle, don't jump to the 60% of max set one. Learn the form and avoid injury.
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    creatine timing

    The goal should be to saturate the muscle with the creatine. The is typical easiest to do by feeding the body when most depleted. For most people that will be first thing after waking up and / or after working out. If you are taking in 4-5 grams of monohydrate per day you will be fine; HCL...
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    hgh safe for females?

    Absolutely! My wife was prescribed 2 iu daily for fertility / improved egg quality (we had twins). Now she still takes it 2 on 1 off for the regenerative benefits.