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    TRT Protocol and compounds

    I have many issues with this protocol. 1) why 25mgs of testosterone enanthate? 25mgs or 250mgs? 2) deca durabolin 75mgs per week? why this dose, minimum deca dose is 200mgs/week 3) hcg why take hcg during cycle? it increases estrogen very high (its only for PRE-pct) 4) gw is good but that...
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    HCG and Prami NOW IN STOCK!! Sale is on!

    HCG and prami are here finally s4s
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    The best steroids for cutting: A new video by Dylan Gemelli

    Watching this now I'm subed to the podcast too
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    NPP instead of tren?

    You can switch out trenbolone to npp but a better switch is trenbolone to primobolan+masteron, it's cleaner.
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    new to sarms need help

    You should add cardarine gw 20mgs/day to the yk11 and cardazol 3 caps before you train. I would wait until after this cycle to do stenabolic SR.
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    working with a trainer pushing supps

    He's full of it dextrose for $20 is a mess joke. You should use supplements for sure but they should be strong like cardazol or ostazol. Not some gnc joke supps.
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    HCG and Prami NOW IN STOCK!! Sale is on!

    good news hcg is in stock
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    Looking for local source (Rochester,ny)

    No one will meet you in person dont waste your time, we only have international guys and domestics here. You should never meet anyone in person either. Go check source section and find approved source.
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    Elite labs source

    Elite labs was tested, it's mostly fakes be careful and the gear is a joke, made poorly.
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    MB's YK-11 Log

    I thought about doing a log of YK11 if I can get a good deal from @Masonic Bodybuilder hows your log going?
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    need a cutting cycle pronto

    Cutting cycle for you 16 weeks test enan 500mgs/week anavar 50mgs/day winstrol 50mgs/day aromasin 25mgs/day ostazol preworkout
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    first sarms cycle help

    I like your 16 week run of cardarine and stenabolic but I would stack in ostarine 50mgs/day and use a good preworkout. With synergy of gw add cardazol 2-3 caps preworkout.
  13. sambee38 Hardcore #122 – Chris Cormier Steroid Cycle

    Chris is huge to this day, he was very big and still looks ripped.
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    sleep aid supplement dosing

    You should take some nutrozol before bed 3 caps, makes you sleep well.
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    source selling gear for $15 a vial

    $15 dollars/vial = fake gear and vernera is fake for sure.