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UGfreak is fire!
this is my first cycle ever and a friend recommended UGfreak
I looked into the reviews and I was convinced they would be a good source to order from
I've been on testosterone enanthate 500mgs a week
I was going to add more stuff but honestly after the first week I could already feel a difference in my body
Great gear
UGfreak has great service
being new to ordering steroids online but not new to the whole steroid purchasing thing, i had a lot of questions for them. I'm used to just buying the stuff from my gym dealer.
they make everything extremely easy. I confirm my order and off it went after I made my payment
Got my products after 4 days. That is lightning fast. I've been on for a couple weeks and already noticing a change
I approve this source, ugfreak seems stand up and comes off as very customer friendly.