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First time shopping with the Freak and to save a little money ordered international and of course was a little sketchy because that's just who I am but UG continued to reassure me everything was just like it was suppose to be. My order arrived in exactly 12 days to the US.. Para pharma test e 250 by far some of the cleanest, smoothest test I've used to date. I also got Wini Depot 50mg which was also exactly as advertised. Clean diet hard work and a extra hand from UG ive only three weeks in and the changes are evident in strength stamina appetite as well as lean muscle mass. P. I.P from test was non existent an tbh even the Wini wasn't nothing to complain about. UG freak coming to take over. Much respect
I have placed multiple orders in the last year and they have all arrived in good condition. good products and good price. I am from Spain, the Canary Islands and it is difficult to find a good source that arrives here. very happy with them. ugfreak the best. I usually buy for pharma bulk. I buy the offer of 10 vials of testosterone because I consume a lot
So i have been meaning to do this for a couple years now and I’m ashamed…uGFreak comes through everytime. I’ve had constant contact with them and steady mail for myself for the better parr of 3 years. Never one flaw I could think of…from the first cycle I grabbed from them. TestP100, Mast, anavar 50 cut in half twice a day, aro, and PCT. Has always been consistent. Even if I’m running in a pinch and forgot to place an order of something. I Pay a little bit more and it’s here in 3 days stateside. Intentional shipping paid with crypto I feel you might like. I don’t run tests but the results and lack of sides proves it’s doing something right….ive Also ran teste250, trenace100, winny pills, cialis and viagra just for fun (all jokes aside that could be bad for your heart. I was kidding. (Do Not Do). Never had a side effect really…I was going balls long before I ever tried. Maybe a little nipple irritation before i got my Estro in check and really understood what i was doing. But that’s definitely to be expected if you don’t know what you’re doing at first. No tren cough eve and I’ve ran it 2x9wks. I cruise the test now and have blood work done on the reg. Its a better quality of life for me. Not sure if my test was ever low but at 35 on 200 teste a wk I feel like a teen again. You wake up and can literally break concrete with your junk. One time i has brottle in shipping it was promptky without question Air mailed immediately after 1 email.

I’ve recommended five or six friends and they all have had similar if not better experiences. These guys let me make it for a year before i actually looked up confirmation of transaction o

And got it right…

Guys you kick ass stick around….
Over Id say 20 orders.
Test P 100
Test E 250
Tren Ace 100
Winistrol Orals
Cialis ( pretty much in bulk at this point) everyone i know enjoys them from time to time.
Anavar Oral

Got a little very very common pip the very first cycle but haven’t really since and i ran a lot of prop att first so that’s EOD-E3D hits and i was just doing glute alternation that first cycle lol. Never had any sores or infections nothing even remotely close to a rash. All positives for real.
On point.
Relentless and always working
Accepts so many different forms of payment (BtC is easiest IMO)
Reply back within hours if ever needed.
Discreet 100%
Sorry, I’m currently out of town on work so these are the only pictures i can take.
UGfreak is fire!
this is my first cycle ever and a friend recommended UGfreak
I looked into the reviews and I was convinced they would be a good source to order from
I've been on testosterone enanthate 500mgs a week
I was going to add more stuff but honestly after the first week I could already feel a difference in my body
Great gear
UGfreak has great service
being new to ordering steroids online but not new to the whole steroid purchasing thing, i had a lot of questions for them. I'm used to just buying the stuff from my gym dealer.
they make everything extremely easy. I confirm my order and off it went after I made my payment
Got my products after 4 days. That is lightning fast. I've been on for a couple weeks and already noticing a change
I approve this source, ugfreak seems stand up and comes off as very customer friendly.
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