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My order of Test and Nolvadex arrived within a couple of weeks with no hiccups. UPsteroid provided good tracking, so I was always on top of the delivery. I can honestly say that they also have one of the best customer relations service that I have experienced. I would definitely recommend UPsteroid to anyone that wants quality service and genuine gear.
I received my complete gear discretely and with no issues. Great customer relations from the UPsteroid team as well.
Second time ordering with them. Bit of issues this time but all resolved thanks to their customer support that handles all situations. Will order again with them. Products orderd are legit and crosschecked with codes on labs website.
I am up in the air about this company right now, I placed an order for 2 10ml vials of their dragon pharma testosterone cypionat 250 and 10 tabs of Clomid. I recieved the vials 3 weeks after purchase, but the pictures on their website do not match the vials I received. The contents in the vials is crystal clear like water but it is some type of oil. It doesn’t say what is in it other than testosterone cypionate. The Clomid also was not delivered and I had to email them and then was given another tracking number. We shall see how it goes. I’m one week I’m on the test with no change as of yet which is normal, but I’m still skeptical. Will update.
I have been pleasantly delighted by their customer support, especially with regards to their support in providing recommended cycle and dosage plans for AAS. I have made up to 5 orders online with no difficulty, and all my packages were delivered in good time.
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