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Jay Cutler Steroid Cycle




Jay Cutler is the most dominant professional bodybuilder of the late 2000s, winning Mr. Olympia 4 times during that time. He loved being a champion and used the opportunity to stay very busy and be an ambassador to bodybuilding. Known as simply "Jay" in bodybuilding circles he was 5'9'' and 275 pounds at his peak contest shape. He sported 21" arms with a 58" chest while having a tight 34" waist. In this article, we will take a look at his history, competitions, and his steroid use.

Early life

Jay Cutler Workout.jpg

Jay was born in Massachusetts in 1973, to a large family, with a total of 8 brothers and sisters. His older brother got him a job doing construction in his early teens which helped him build a base of strength and muscle. Carrying around building materials, climbing ladders, and learning balance being on a roof was his training as a teenager, and it wasn't until his later years when he started lifting in a real gym.

Jay's goal was to work in criminal justice and while studying that major he would spend time working out making extreme gains. He graduated from a small community college in 1993 and planned on working in the prison system.

Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler's training regimen.jpg

Like many other young bodybuilders, he was taken under the wing of a personal trainer at his gym and encouraged to compete at 20 years old at the NPC Iron Bodies Invitational and won both divisions. Over the next couple of years, he decided to pursue bodybuilding to its full extent after winning NPC Teen Nationals and NPC U.S. Tournament of Champions.

In 1996, he earned his pro card at 23 years old by winning the NPC Nationals.

Professional bodybuilding


The next decade was Jay's to own as he won 11 major competitions, 4 of which were the prestigious Mr. Olympia. Three of his wins were the 2002, 2003, and 2004 Arnold Classic. He also won the 2000 IFBB Night of Champions and won a handful of Grand Prix competitions world wide.


His Mr. Olymipa finishes were as follows with analysis:

2000: 8th place

2001: 2nd place just 4 points behind Ronnie Coleman and many felt he should have won. Rumors were he was very upset that he didn't win.

2002: He skipped it to enhance his physique but also may have been upset about the year prior.

2003: A more distant 2nd place to Ronnie Coleman. Jay thought he could beat him but when he saw Ronnie in person ahead of Mr. Olympia he was in shock at how large his competition was.

2004 and 2005: 2nd place to Ronnie Coleman again.

2006: 1st place, finally toppling Coleman 22 to 38 in points.

2007: 1st place, squeaking by 4 points over Victor Martinez

2008: 2nd place, he was shocked by Dexter Jackson who won 32-39

2009: 1st place, he easily won with Branch Warren and Dexter Jackson behind him

2010: 1st place, a very tight win over Phil Heath

2011: 2nd place, he lost to Phil Heath 10 to 20

2013: 6th place, his last competition


Jay cutler workout routine.jpg

Jay did 10 training sessions per week, which consisted of twice a day training sessions, and 5 days of workouts with 2 days of rest. He considered his training a business and liked to train with his wife. Although he took it seriously, he also believed in having fun and training to him was something he loved doing.

Jay believes in training on how his body says he needs to train. For example, he doesn't train specific body parts on a schedule, and if he feels like his body needs a day off he will take a day off. In other words, he lets his body decide his training schedule for the week. This training strategy could only work since he had the flexbility to lift weights as a career.



At his peak weight he was eating up to 10 or 11 meals per day, however, he has spoken about the dangers of overeating and how it can ruin a physique so he knows when to back off.

His favorite foods while prepping were whole eggs, egg whites, turkey, rice, fish, oatmeal, fruits, yogurt, and vegetables.

His favorite meals consisted of protein and carbs to fuel him through his brutal workouts but also feed his muscles.

Jay Cutler Bodybuilder.jpg

Social Media

Jay has a whopping 4M followers on his Instagram along with over 500K subscribers on his YouTube. click here Instagram Chanel.
instagram logo.jpg

Click here Jay Cutler YouTube Chanel

He uses his huge following to market various supplements including a pre-workout called Prevail and protein powders. His youtube channel is full of motivational videos and advice. You can see his most popular videos of all time here.

This is his One Step Closer DVD.

Here is he working out at Gold's Venice famous gym. Both videos have millions of views.

I thought this video was cool if you want to see how a Mr. Olympia champion lives.



I love Jay Cutler's journey of perseverance. It seemed to me that after a brutal loss in 2001 Jay could have lost motivation, but he took a year off to come back. Then when he came back and saw Ronnie Coleman, he could have thrown in the towel and never thought he could beat this guy, but he kept at it and 4 years after losing a close one he finally beat Ronnie. Then 2 years later when defending his title he fell to Dexter Jackson, but once again did not lose hope and came back the next year and won twice more. He is a true champion and showed a lot of patience and passion to get knocked down over and over again and get back up.

Steroid Cycle

In interviews Jay wants people to know that there is a lot more to bodybuilding than just taking steroids

He isn't wrong, you must have the genetics first off, but you also have to be able to nail down your training and diet too. You also have to have the mental strength to deal with the ups and downs and the pain of bodybuilding competition.


Steroids are merely icing on the cake which is what Jay is trying to make people understand and we agree with him. Here is a steroid cycle he could have used leading up to his 1st Mr. Olympia win:

25IU’s HGH

12IU’s Insulin

1000mgs a week Testosterone Propionate, reducing to 400mg week ahead of the competition

1500mgs a week Trenbolone Acetate, reducing to 800mg a week ahead of the competition

800mgs a week Masteron Propionate, increasing to 1250mg a week ahead of the competition

1000mgs Primobolan

200mgs a day Winstrol

150mgs a day Proviron

Forum quotes

”When Jay opens his refrigerator, the door had all these vials on the shelf. Can anyone say, EDIT PLEASE. I thought that was great, cause for years, he’s been promoting all these supplement companies”

“He works out at my gym, so I see him frequently... he is definitely huge”

“I think Jay used receptor grade IGF”


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Written by Steve Smi
Steve Smi (Also known as Steve Smith), has over 12 years of experience in the bodybuilding and fitness industry. He's the co-Host of the popular Evolutionary Radio Podcast - over 500,000 listens! He has been a personal trainer and writer for the last 10 years with over 1000 articles written. He's been a moderator on forums for over 10 years. Steve holds the following certifications and records: NASM Personal Trainer NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist Florida Local Powerlifting champion Top writer for 2019 Fitness rated
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Jay Cutler is a VERY humble guy honest too.
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