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  1. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Approved Log First cycle Trt log

    Nice simple diet but make sure you are getting some fruits and veggies.
  2. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Test and winstrol at 30

    It would be a great cycle if you cut test way down. When you are cutting you really don't need much. 200-300mg per week is plenty.
  3. Masonic Bodybuilder

    next equipoise cycle with test prop?

    You can certainly run it, it is just easier for pinning schedule purposes to run like esters together.
  4. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Approved Log My Log - On the road to get bigger and reverse type 2 diabetes

    Just keep plugging away on the diet man. You can get off these meds.
  5. Masonic Bodybuilder

    You guys suck

    Best thing to do is go with Domestic-Supply next time brother.
  6. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Approved Log My Opening Day - 1st Cycle - Rookie Log

    Wow man, that looks very painful. Hoping you heal up super quick!
  7. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Approved Log My recomp cycle log

    Nice update man. I don't know of any specifics but I would look more into different containers to keep things cold that would work with regular ice.
  8. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Log protocol around here?

    You can definitely keep it going if you want or start a new one. No one is going to blast you though for not being active all the time. Good vibes here man.
  9. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Approved Need updated sources for 2023 - Canada?

    Stay away from injectable SARMs man. Just get an oral version from a good source. I recommend for Canadian domestic either Nordic Fusion or SYN Pharma.
  10. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Not safe using

    Just go with Domestic-Supply next time man. They are the best source you will find.
  11. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Domestic-Supply Final review of domestic supply

    Great results man! Domestic-Supply carries only the best products.
  12. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Approved Huge Umbrella Labs Memorial Day Sale!

    These are huge deals guys! Better jump on this sale.
  13. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Approved Huge Umbrella Labs Memorial Day Sale!

    These are huge deals guys! Better jump on this sale.
  14. Masonic Bodybuilder

    My new cycle below, check me out

    Post up some pictures brother!
  15. Masonic Bodybuilder

    Weird sides on Meditrope hgh

    I would only trust HGH from Domestic-Supply brother.
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