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1-Stop Domestic Shop

1-Stop Domestic Shop

At 1-Stop Domestic Shop we carry 3 different brands of Oils, Orals and GH. All are shipped domestically in the USA. All top quality product. No customs issues. No seizure letters. We handle it all for you. Shipping is quick and payment easy. First and foremost we are service focused. Our reps are as professional and knowledgeable as you will find. We respond quickly and are always willing to help with cycle advice. We've all been around a while now and are happy to share our experience with you. Reach out to one of us for a list. Thank you.

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Here are my reviews. Order with confidence!
I've been using these dudes since 2018.. Not enough can be said about their customer service via Wickr and their acceptance of CIM is overall easier for us old heads than internet money aka bitcoin.

Now to the actual gear - I'm 52 years old, been around the AAS and peptide block quite a few times in my life. I get blood work done every other month and take UG sources fairly seriously and I can tell you without a doubt everything these folks are selling are legit and not under-dosed.

My favorites from them:

Test Prop - comes in 20ml vial, blood work has been consistent so has the PIP from daily injections, real shit that I feel is better than my Depo.. IMO.

Primo E - again, 20ml vial.. INSANE, this is the most popular IM AAS in my opinion, I still remember and miss the Bayer human grade primo we used to be able to get... This Primo is as close to that as I can find from a UGL, severe next day pain at the injection site - you old heads will know what I mean, that's real shit.

They obviously have a ton more shit available but those are my favorites.. oh and the Tren Ace, it's dosed at 150mg/ml.. its fucking awesome too if you love the rage and night sweats like I do.

I'm trying to keep this review simple.. if you guys have any questions or want any proof of blood work, anything at all feel free to hit me up, I'm quick to respond via Wickr @ johnnyspanner.

Made my second order june 21st and had my goodies come in July 2nd. Bit of a delay but best quality stuff out there. Check out my thread if you want to see 1-stops stuff in action.
Good test enan, high quality.