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Geneza Pharmaceuticals Reviews

APPROVED Geneza Pharmaceuticals Reviews

Been a geneza fan for a while. The gear is high quality oils are good and pain free. I find the sustanon is the least painful of any brand including organon. nice to see them on anabolex
I had a wonderful experience ordering from geneza pharma
this was the first time I've dealt with them and I got 4 boxes of testosterone which come in amps. These look gorgeous
I've been using them along with my Trenbolone and I've cut down around 15 lb which is incredible for the cycle. I'm also an amazing mood all day
Cruising with geneza
I'm cruising with geneza pharma
I want to do 150-250mgs per week. which of their testosterone would you recommend for me?
I don't like to inject very often because my last cycle I was using short esters, need a break from that
I'm coming off a cycle where I use their products for 12 weeks and I put on about 20 lb and I want to make sure that I keep my gains until my next cycle
deca geneza thoughts?
Looking at trying deca durabolin for the first time. I’m split between using NPP or deca
which one should i try if i use geneza pharma and how good is their deca in the first place or should i choose another brand?
I’m looking to do atleast 400mg a week, looking for appetite boost