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I wont lie I got a 40% coupon to use napsgear and decided to give it a shot, well I was surprised. The domestic line is good quality, picked geneza pharma, arrived in 6-7 days I think from payment time. Got some test cyp, was looking for cypionate for a while right, these days mostly enanthate out there.
Anyhow so far cycle been going good almost 4 weeks in, going to post updates on this review later once I'm into pct.
my strength is up I'm happy with this cycle for sure.
I used napsgear 1st time after seeing them on anabolex.
Order process was very fast like 1-2 days like amazon lol
I put in like 5 tickets asking stupid questions sorry guys but you got back to me
naps is legit as they come had my tracking number within days and now my pack is here
going to re review after i start my cycle

i picked up some test dbol and winstrol going to get recomp done
i had my AIs already