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Puritysourcelabs, better known as PSL, can only be described as a true visionary company.
They have been in business for over 16 years and have unsurpassed customer support and forum support.
They are likely the #1 source in customer support, quality, delivery and really supporting the community.

Supported by many moderators and admins.

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Multiple orders, many products,never more than 5 or 6 days for me once payment recieved.great quality products along with great cs.
Can PSL beat 20 days?
I was wondering if PSL can beat the 20 day max rule that i have used over the years to gauge whether a source has their shipping situation under control or if they don't know what they're doing
let's be honest nobody should take longer than that.
so before I order from them can you tell me if there quicker than 20 days
PSl perfect dosing
I just want to say that I am no newbie when it comes to steroid use. Been in the game a long time
I've use a lot of different brands over the years from different sources. I guarantee you 95% of the time it's either overdosed or most certainly underdose. With PSL it is dosed perfectly where it's supposed to be. getting overdose gear is just as dangerous
PSL- painless and easy to order
I was surprised at how fast a ship my product. After I pay them it was shipped the next day. Not sure if that's normal or I just caught the right day but I'm happy
speed is important to me
took me about 15 minutes to learn their website
secure and fast
deca durabolin, anavar, dbol
I started 8 weeks ago and already up 12 lb
just got my package in the mail and nothing is broken inside even though the postman seems to have roughed it up quite a bit during shipping. I got my package and less than two weeks even those International
I got a bunch of testosterone and I got a bunch of orals can't wait to try them out
second order was smooth
I made 2 order so far with these guys and both times they got me the products and less than 5 days. leave also always had some really good deals on their products to save me money
extremely impressed with customer service
very prompt to message me back
tightly secured and wrapped products
Products Ordered - Dianabol, trenbolone, testosterone, sustanon
so far I am up 7 lb in 4 weeks. I'm not even following a great diet plan either
I have tried a lot of the Europharm brand compounds and have many more to try. Great Reps, Excellent communication and high quality results from each oral & oils I have tried. They have a 100% track record for me. Would definitely use again.
I support psl and have multiple orders with them. A few domestic and few international both comfortable and safe for me. latest was winstrol and dbol. stacked 20mgs dbol 50mgs winstrol and 25mgs proviron, I don't have head hair issues so got hard and strong at the gym, veins everywhere all my boyz loved it.
Fast shipping considering covid
good customer support I like PSL
cycle I have yet to try but will soon (already did 2 cycles with them)
VERY fast delivery during covid. Euro pharma trenbolone and winstrol with some aromasin and clen. Great packaging! thank you guys
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