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    Never used LGD with andarine

    I’m looking to use andarine s4 with lgd4033 Around 8 weeks into it currently and wondering if i should order more bottles and go to 12 or 16 weeks My results so far are minimal. Only up 4 pounds which is like ½ pound per week Was expecting a bit more. I'm 24 years old and I am 5'7 and 178 pounds...
  2. X

    Sarms double dose with 2

    I’m looking at using sarms. Looking to double dose them but run 2 together My choices are s4/andarine, 50mgs and raising it to 100mgs Then using nutrobal mk677, instead of 25mgs why not 50mgs Currently in my twenties and I weigh around 217 lb my goals are going to be lean muscle mass and body...
  3. H

    Fantastic results from sarms but questions remain

    So i just got done with my first sarms stack and have some questions First off i did 3 sarms. s4/andarine, nutrobal mk677 and also lgd4033 My friend recommended i do the s4 at a high dosage 50mgs a day, but he said not to do the others more than 20mgs a day I’m 22 years old and 208 pounds and...
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    GW + S4

    Haven’t seen this stack mentioned that often so i will step up and be the guinea pig and try it I’m going to run gw cardarine 20mgs a day with s4/andarine 50mgs a day I want to run it 4 weeks on, 2 weeks off, then 4 weeks on. The reason i want to run it like this is because of the s4 side...
  5. R

    Help me with andarine sides

    I am currently running this stack: s4/andarine 75mgs a day Ostarine mk2866 50mgs a day Sr9009 30mgs a day I am dealing with eye issues when i get up at night to take a leak. I am seeing a yellow tint also when I am driving at night which is a problem because the sun goes down early where I live...
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    GW and s4

    45 years old 6’2’’ 213 pounds 14% body fat Currently doing andarine s4 and g w cardarine I’m doing 50mgs of s4 and 20mgs gw as instructed by the articles I want to get my body fat lower though, what is the best way to do it? Should i up the GW dose higher?
  7. J

    sarms and ridiculous expectations

    I’m currently 204 pounds and 6’3’’, 23 years old I would like to gain like 10-15 pounds this cycle using sarms I have in mind rad140 and s23. I could also add in some andarine s4 but I don’t want the vision sides can I gain that much weight?
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    Finishing up sarms now

    Just finishing up my current sarms cycle I did andarine s4 50mgs a day for 12 weeks I am gonna start pct tomorrow. After pct which sarms stack should i aim for next? I want to cut back down. Maybe lose 12 pounds. I’m 243 pounds and 5’11’’
  9. A

    Cutter sarms options

    I'm looking to cut on my next sarms stack the problem is I'm not sure which sarms would work best together Can you help me? My options are: Cardarine gw Sr9009 s4/andarine Rad140 I’m 25% body fat I exercise 4x per week 5’10’’ 260 pounds 44 yrs old
  10. E

    Can i use sarms like this?

    My stats are : 32yrs old, 5’9’’ 156 pounds, 12% Here is my sarms stack: s4/andarine 100mgs a week Gw501516 200mgs a week My goals are more endurance and strength
  11. B

    A couple sarms options

    Not looking to rush my fitness journey, so i want to try sarms I’m gonna try yk11 and s4/andarine this time My concern is how best to dose them. Too much info out there not sure who to trust I’m 27 years old, new to sarms and weigh around 200 pounds
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    losing muscle or fat on sarms?

    I’ve been on my current sarms cycle for 8 weeks I’m doing s4/andarine with sr9009 using 50mgs a day s4 and 25mgs sr I started the cycle at 195 pounds and 5’7’’. I’m also 25 years old I’m now at 188 pounds no joke why am I losing weight? Is it fat or muscle?
  13. V

    Max dosing sarms

    I wanted to use S4/andarine. Was reading that if you don't have any sort of vision issues that it's really fake 35 years old, 6’2’’ 232 pounds I’m using 50mgs a day now from a forum sponsor and not seeing vision issues yet. Should i max dose it to 100 or 200mgs?
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    sarms during workout?

    My workouts are about an hour per session but I take like a 10 minute break in the middle of it just to rest my muscles and hydrate and all that should I take the sarms during that break time or will it not matter? I’m using RAD140 and S4/andarine I’m 22 years old and 5’11’’ 155 pounds
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    How to look good on sarms

    I'm 35 years old and 6 ft tall with 14% body fat I want to look good that is primarily my goal my cycle set up so far is going to be Lgd4033 s4/andarine Gw cardarine what should my dosing be would I be able to run it for 8 weeks
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    LGD with S4 stack

    21 years old I've trained since I was a teenager looking to get an extra Edge I'm currently 215 lb and 6 ft tall what do you think about using lgd 4033 along with s4/andarine 50mgs a day How much lgd would work good here? would 8 weeks be long enough and do I need to run a post Cycle Therapy
  17. C

    12 or 16 weeks sarms?

    I know sarms are slow builders. Is it better to use them 12 weeks or do you need to push 16 weeks for best results? I have my eye on 3 sarms to use lgd4033, s4/andarine and yk11 I’m 5’7’’ 145 pounds looking to bulk up but do it smart
  18. S

    Recomp sarms stack

    I want to recomp where i drop some fat and add muscle. Currently 15% body fat 5 ft10 170 lb I want to use rad 140, s4/andarine and yk11 I know that these are good ones for this but what kind of dosing should i do and how long to run them?
  19. J

    s4/andarine with steroids a waste?

    I'm currently doing 150 mg a week of testosterone which is my trt dose I am considering doing a steroid cycle and would like to add s4/andarine to it my goal is strength would using 100 mg a day of the S4 be worth it? I’m 27 years old, 5’9’’ 184 pounds
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    S4 cycle pros and cons

    Im’ 5’9’’ and 165 pounds I have gained about 6 pounds on this cycle so far. I look good too, probably lost 1% body fat I am doing s4/andarine at 100mgs a day. I am also using lgd4033 and yk11 with it I'm eating in a 200 to 400 calorie deficit a day the negatives are I am definitely shut down on...
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