1. R

    Benefits for cardarine in post cycle

    what are the benefits I can expect on cardarine gw I'm on a steroid cycle Versus what I can do during my post Cycle Therapy. I read some good things about it and how guys use it after cycle and they can keep their fat off and their endurance up. Any other advantages besides that
  2. L

    Anyone try cardarine at 40 milligram

    I know everyone is going to say to run cardarine GW at 20 mg a day and I understand that's the dosage that gets bantered around for him. But what would happen if I was to double up the dose what and I get double the amount of fat loss? has anyone actually tried this or is it all just banter. I'm...
  3. S

    How to time cardarine 4 event

    I will be doing a trail race which is over 30 miles in November and I'm not sure how best I should be using g w cardarine during from now till then. I was thinking of doing 8 weeks on and 8 weeks off and then taking it daily going into my competition. What would be the best way you would do this...
  4. J

    Antibiotics okay with sarms

    44 years old 5ft 10in 160 pounds I'm pretty athletic and I want to run a sarms stack with rad 140 and g w cardarine. My question is I am having some serious jaw and teeth worked on and the dentist is putting me on a round of antibiotics. Is it safe to run sarms along with it or should I wait...
  5. N

    How long do sarms take to work

    I am using yk11 and G W cardarine on this cycle. I started using them 3 days ago and I haven't felt anything yet happened. How long does it take them to start working and what should I expect on them. I thought that I should notice a difference right away when I worked out for the first time...
  6. W

    weird sarms side effects

    I bought my sarms from a nutrition store which now I'm reading may not be such a good idea. But what's done is done and I intend to use this because I spent money on them. I'm taking rad 140 and cardarine GW. Running them at 25 mg a day each. I'm having trouble sleeping and my appetite has gone...
  7. Z

    Adding sarms to my trt

    I have been on trt from my doctor for the past three years and haven't felt any type of improvement. I even up my dose up to 200 mg a week and felt worse. My doctor says that my numbers are fine even though my estrogen is elevated, he refuses to give me an AI. I was thinking of adding in sarms...
  8. F

    Help me shape my sarm cycle

    I am 5 foot 9 250 lb I have been lifting since high school, now in my 30s. I have not been so serious the past 5 to 10 years due to family issues, but I have been serious for the past year and consistent. This is my first time ever running anything. I ordered cardarine GW end lgd-4033. Got two...
  9. T

    Why I love GW

    just wanted to make a thread and show my love 4 gw cardarine :) I can say it's unlike anything I've ever ran before, the favorite thing is how my cardio after two weeks and improved so quickly. I can go for an hour and not even worry about drinking water I feel so good. I recommend guys give...
  10. J

    Cutting cycle sarms

    I am going to be starting my cutting cycle of sarm's and wanted to clarify a couple questions before I start. So far I have g w cardarine and I plan on taking 10 mg a day I also plan on taking a fat burner supplement with it. my question is being someone who's 15% body fat should I run another...
  11. R

    Cardarine dosage question

    I have some cardarine I purchased online from a company I Googled. I hope this is good quality stuff. The bottle came in at 50 mg per milliliter with a dropper. My question is how many milligrams of the dropper do I need to take if I wanted to take the recommended dosage of 20 mg. I'm kind of...
  12. E

    Losing testicles on sarms?

    I am 4 weeks into a sarm cycle. I am using cardarine GW and ostarine MK. I am using enhance athletes sarms. I noticed around the 4 week mark my testicles started to atrophy , they are shrinking! I have done steroids before and know exactly what this is. I thought that sarms were not supposed to...
  13. H

    Finishing my sarm cycle

    okay so I'm finishing up an 8 week cycle where I did g w cardarine and ostarine MK. I'm pretty happy with gaining 5 lb of lean muscle and I drop some body fat. Everyone is saying that I look more rest so that is a good sign. My question is what can I expect when I come off of this will I lose...
  14. D

    sarms for gym performance

    age is 27 1.75 meter 75 Kg body fat around 12% weight training for 5 years also do cardio and karate I'm looking to improve my complete gym performance I'm looking at GW cardarine as a sarm that can help me most. Should I run it by itself at 30 mg a day? my training is 6 days a week 2 hours a...
  15. R

    Sr9009 versus cardarine for cutting

    my goal is to cut as much fat possible over the next eight weeks. I am getting ready for a wedding on the beach this summer and I want to look as good as possible to impress all the ladies that will be there. Right now I am 17% body fat and my goal is to get under 12%. If you had to choose...
  16. M

    Check out my sarm cycle

    what is the best way to run sarms if you are doing cardarine GW along with ostarine MK. My dosages are going to be 25 mg a day of each respectively. My only dilemma is should I get enough for 8 weeks or is 12 weeks going to be the best amount to go? And if I do choose to go another 4 weeks would...
  17. H

    Cardarine pink goo

    I made an order for g w cardarine from a source I found on Google. I'm not going to name the source quite yet because I don't want to bash them for no reason. But the reason for my post is the product came and it's basically pink goo oh, it's not even liquid it's like I have to shake it to get...
  18. M

    Time of day to do sarms

    hello add a question for Dylan as I am a big fan of his. He's has not done a video yet about how the best way to dose sarms is. I am about to start a 12 week cycle and want to get things nail down first. I have ostarine MK, gw cardarine, and MK nutrobal, two bottles each. Do I run them once a...