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    What is ancient strength?

    I keep reading on here about ancient strength Sounds like a weird supplement for building up strength in the gym. Can you Shed some light on what is so special about this product and why its worth it?
  2. M

    Geneza pharma winstrol

    This stuff is great The winstrol came And the packaging was really professional and solid I've been on it for the past four weeks and I am running 50mgs a day Getting absolutely tried it on the stack and my arms are really popping out. Pumps are incredible as well when I am in the gym
  3. L

    Boosting anger with sarms?

    Is it possible to boost my anger with sarms I work out with a group at the gym and they get angry when they lift and it helps them lift more I'm too soft-spoken they say. Will sarms help get me more mad? 24 years old and 150 pounds
  4. E

    steroid stack to be lean and mean

    I’m currently 41 years old 5’6’’ and 173 pounds. Body fat is like 13% or so I want to get leaner and meaner. But I have taken a couple years mostly off from the gym. This is my comeback what should I stack as my comeback cycle?
  5. O

    Gym goer sarms

    What is a good sarms stack for Just a normal guy who wants to get results in the gym I attend the gym between 2 and 4 times a week. I'm in no way a pro or anything close to some of the top guys I see at the gym I’m 26 years old 5’8’’ 170 pounds
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    geneza has become my go to place

    I love geneza products they are now my official go to place and I have been recommending them to everyone at my gym not only are the products top of the line but their service is also excellent I am currently up 10 pounds on my current cycle so feel blessed
  7. F

    Going back on the sauce

    it's been quite a long time since I last use steroids 12 years in all during that time I have trained off and on. no membership just a basement gym at home what kind of cycle do you recommend i hop on ? I’m 5’6’’ 165 pounds and 12% body fat I have access to any steroids out there
  8. N

    Home gym for under $1000?

    my gym just announced that they are closing in the next 2 months the next nearest decent gym is about 40 minutes away I just don't have time to do all that driving and then pick the kids up from daycare I would like to get a set up at home do you think I can do that for under $1,000 or is that...
  9. M

    Working out for lean mass

    is there a different strategy to working out when you are trying to achieve lean muscle mass versus trying to achieve more of a bulking look? I notice in the gym strength trainers they tend to take a lot of time in between sets and guys like me do their workouts lot quicker
  10. D

    Want to get stronger with sauce

    Looking to impress the guys in the gym and get stronger several of us have been competing against each other. Just friendly competition but I want to knock their socks off by getting stronger really quick with steroids which steroid stack would you recommend for strength? Right now I am 5’10’’...
  11. S

    What kind of gym is best for me?

    I have been training off and on for 8 years and I was wondering what is the best gym to workout at and what should I look for when looking for a gym. I'm going to start using steroids soon and I'm looking for a gym that can take me to new heights. I'm currently going to a planet fitness type of...
  12. JimAbs43 475 Home Gym ideas, stacking HGH, and playing in a hobby sports league. 475 Home Gym ideas, stacking HGH, and playing in a hobby sports league.
  13. W

    Best lifts for amateur

    I'm not a pro at all like most of you on here but I figured I would take a shot and ask. I am a normal amateur guy who trains 3x per week what kind of training routine would you recommend that I do to improve Right now I just walk into the gym and pick someone and follow them around and do their...
  14. P

    Difference in age and steroid use

    Compare a 25 year old cycle to a 45 year old cycle what would be the difference in what steroids you use and how much steroids you used Also can you comment on what age do you think you really piqued when it came to your steroid usage and your gym performance.
  15. B

    Bodybuilders vs. regular guys

    What do you think are the differences between bodybuilders and just regular guys who you see at the gym grinding away when it comes to what supplements they use my friend said that bodybuilders just use steroids they don't even use supplements. What do you think about that
  16. W

    Eating big to get big?

    was talking to someone the other day at the gym who has really gotten huge the past couple months. I asked him what he change in his diet and he said that to get big you got to eat big. can anyone explain what he meant by that and do you follow that same strategy because I noticed a lot of you...
  17. K

    incorporating free weights and machines

    I just started working out at a new gym and they don't have a lot of free weight exercises available. It's mostly machines but they do have some free weights like dumbbells, and bars. Do you think it's possible to work out in this order gym and what kind of workout protocol would you recommend I...
  18. A

    Oldest you would run sarms?

    my grandfather wants to run something to help him and he is almost 70 years old do you think that he is too old for sarms or are there sarms that he can use safely? He is about 5’10’’ and weighs around 152 pounds. He works at in his community gym and does a lot of activities still
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    Gym options aside from just weights

    I just sign up to a gym which has a lot of different things not just weights and machines what are some other things that you guys do at your gyms to get in a good workout? I just want to look good I don't care about ego or being strong or any that nonsense. I'm even willing to take some classes...
  20. JimAbs43 465 gym misconceptions and advice for steroid users in their 20's. 465 gym misconceptions and advice for steroid users in their 20's.