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    TP hgh meditrope is a nope

    No way should you go with TP hgh meditrope. Its a crappy brand of hgh My friend got 3 kits, let me try 1 and he ran 2 for 3 months Zero effects for both of us No fat loss No help with sleep No muscle gains No skin and hair and nail improvements Overall I will definitely classify it as a scam...
  2. L

    Meditrope HGH poor experience review

    Just a quick review on meditrope HGH Package got to me after 3 weeks, they promised a much faster time Also when my package got here it isn’t what i ordered. they had switched the HGH kit color tops when I message them two days later the guy responded and said that the other product wasn’t...
  3. N

    TP hgh meditrope hells no

    If you want to get ripped off use TP hgh meditrope If you want to get fake HGH use them too Hard earned money down the drain and so mad about it Was looking forward to my first hgh cycle, bought 5 kits. Its all fake hcg crap that they are selling to people. If you don’t believe me then try them...
  4. Y


    We offer premium quality and powerful Solution- “Diuretics” Drop water weight for an almost instant thinning effect. Get Ultimate Physique to show on stage Helps getting those deep cuts and muscle separation Great Women Attraction Visit our website- “A Premium Quality...
  5. S

    Hgh problems and side effects

    50 years old 6’1’’ 188 pounds I got some hgh from a source on here and i’m having some side effects i wanted to talk about. First off i started out using 8iu’s per day and The obvious side effect that I noticed right off the bat was the hunger increase, the changes to my skin, losing body fat...
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    Approved WE STAY WORKING 24*7

    At Yourmuscleshop, we believe that quality is everything. We are proud to be recognized as one of the fastest growing online seller of premium quality injectables, orals, HGH, estrogen Blocker, PCT Cycle solutions, testosterone booster and much more. We deliver 24*7 customer support. Fastest...
  7. Phill

    PuritySourceLabs HGH PORN

    HGH PORN + peptides
  8. A aka DrugsGear - Your Local Reliable Supplier

    Hello everyone, my name is Alan. We were originally known as DrugsGear. Unforeseen life circumstances forced us to create a new website - AlanDomestic.La We have been in the game 10+ years. We carry great brands: Balkan, SP Laboratory, Pharmacom, ZPHC, Spectrum, Canada Peptides, Bayer, Astra...
  9. JimAbs43 502 - Peptides - HGH (human growth hormone) Doses,Cycles,Benefits,Side Effects 502 - Peptides - HGH (human growth hormone) Doses,Cycles,Benefits,Side Effects
  10. R

    Hgh from napsgear

    Good quality hgh from napsgear for sure I am shedding fat and getting some lean muscle gains on this also I noticed that I am sleeping much harder I've use human growth hormone from other sources and never got good results. It seems like it was always under dose or something like that. This...
  11. G

    I trust napsgear

    I don’t usually trust sources but napsgear even when ordering international I can trust them 100% when it comes to hgh and primo I wouldn’t use anyone else tried 2 of their hgh brands and both were solid, I am gonna stick with these guys and they are making me very happy
  12. K

    Domestic-Supply great experience with domestic supply

    super speedy delivery with domestic supply and their products matched up perfectly to what I was expecting I got their hgh and got 100iu kit. I am on this stuff and feel great on it already. Seeing fat loss and my sleep is so much better. I’m gonna have to recommend them to all
  13. A

    [email protected] fake growth

    I bought one kit from opti hgh just to test them out I had that kit tested and it turned out to be just hcg, not really hgh very disappointed that a source in 2022 would purposely rip someone off like that when we can get things tested not like it used to be
  14. JimAbs43 475 Home Gym ideas, stacking HGH, and playing in a hobby sports league. 475 Home Gym ideas, stacking HGH, and playing in a hobby sports league.
  15. N

    TP hgh fake

    Just a warning I bought some TP brand HGH off an admin on meso rx think steroids forum they assured me it was real and tested. They lied. I did not get anything changing in my body when I was using it so I got my blood work done and my igf-1 was in range while using 5iu’s per day. will never...
  16. M

    HGH and tren cycle

    someone told me that HGH and trenbolone were great together if you want to really bulk up. I'm currently 6 ft 1 in in 168 lb My body fat is lean under 10% my issues is my legs just don't have a lot of meat on them. My upper body though is pretty muscular for my size. what would be the dosage of...
  17. D

    Hgh supplements

    No way I am spending all this money taking real human growth hormone and risking getting fakes Also the anti aging clinics wants 4 figures a month to get it prescribed I know that supplements aren't going to be as good as the real thing but can you recommend something that I can take that similar
  18. I

    painful hgh lumps [email protected]

    using opti for my hgh has been a huge mistake I have tried both bac water and sterile water to mix it and both times I am getting these huge lumps from it. This likely means the product is dirty. A shame cause I spent $350 per kit for dirty hgh.
  19. R

    [email protected] source fake HGH

    I have been running oneq hgh human growth hormone for 1 month. Getting zero results a buddy of mine used them too and he has been on over 2 months and he says same thing usually when I use hgh I get fat loss pretty quick, not seeing anything with this crap. Won’t be using it again
  20. T

    Do I need a HCG with TRT?

    I am going to an anti-aging clinic for my testosterone replacement therapy and they also want to put me on HCG. from my research and what I've heard from the podcast this is completely unnecessary but they are shoving it down my throat. what are the advantages to running it they won't explain it...
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