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  1. Roid Shark

    Syringes and needles. What should I choose?

    Guys, what syringes and needles do you use? Do you often have to inject more than 2-3 cc of injectables at once?
  2. JimAbs43

    Podcast Hardcore 2.0 #38 - 3 Injectables Bulker Euro Pharmacies Hardcore 2.0 #38 - 3 Injectables Bulker Euro Pharmacies
  3. J

    Domestic-Supply Best domestic supply injectables for lean gains

    I’m looking to use domestic supply this time. Can the reps give me a cycle plan that i can explore and make a decision on? I’m looking at equipoise, primobolan, testosterone, and maybe trenbolone I’m looking at lean gains but not sure which one to pick that domestic supply sells that is really...
  4. Y


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  5. Y

    NOT APPORVED Thoughts on Trenbolone Hexa ?

    Thoughts on Trenbolone Hexa ?
  6. Y

    Approved WE STAY WORKING 24*7

    At Yourmuscleshop, we believe that quality is everything. We are proud to be recognized as one of the fastest growing online seller of premium quality injectables, orals, HGH, estrogen Blocker, PCT Cycle solutions, testosterone booster and much more. We deliver 24*7 customer support. Fastest...
  7. Y


    When TSW is identified, your dermatologist will work with you to create a treatment strategy. The following are possible therapies: Gradually ceasing to take steroid creams Ceasing the use of steroid cream right away The use of oral corticosteroids. By applying cold compresses Taking...
  8. Y


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  9. Finestgears

    Approved Finestgears - Beligas Got New Products

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  10. Finestgears

    Approved SUPER SALE! Early Big Christmas Gift 🎁 waiting for you!

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  11. H

    UGfreak great for injectables

    So i made a bunch of orders through UgFreak Heard some good reviews on here about them so I gave them a shot I got several of their products Trenbolone Test C and test enanthate Also got some dbol Ran them for 12 weeks. I went from 202 to 218 pounds and i didn’t even gain any fat. I look really...
  12. U

    no oral stack steroids

    not looking to do orals this time, just injectables my plan so far is: equipoise and testosterone 300mgs each what other injectable can I mix in there too? My goals are more mass. I’m only 5’8’’ and 166 pounds and 28 years old
  13. A

    First cycle and motivated

    I’m 5’9’’ 175 pounds Body fat is around 12% I've done my research and listen to the podcast I’m conflicted on if i should do just testosterone 500mgs a week or if i should stack in another injectable or oral. Just looking to improve but want to do it the right way
  14. A

    Adding in orals late

    I am running injectables and I am doing equipoise and testosterone at 500 mg each I’m 24 years old 5-11 188 pounds Goals are to build more muscle and strength I am 5 weeks into cycle and my orals just arrived in the mail. I got dianabol dbol and anadrol. would it be okay to add them in now or...
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