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    PuritySourceLabs super cycle puritysourcelabs

    this is my power stack with tren, test and anadrol. You won’t go wrong with these 3. The one thing you know with PSL is this stuff is gonna be legit and strong. the results have been fantastic and didn't take long to start seeing the changes to my physique. I'm also getting super strong. run...
  2. S

    PuritySourceLabs puritysourcelabs low side stack

    wanted to run something with low side effects that also gave me lean muscle mass that you could see. My gf says i am looking more cut, the sides were almost non-existent so I really enjoyed it. Also there was some libido issues, but nothing that couldn’t be fixed with their viagra. mild stack...
  3. H

    PuritySourceLabs puritysourcelabs customer service A+

    once you make the order they make things so easy. Very simple payment options which are fast. Took me minutes to order, pay, and get the confirmation. Had a question about payment and they took care of me fast. I will highly recommend them going forward Details of review: (short 5-6 words)...
  4. Y

    PuritySourceLabs satisfied with puritysourcelabs

    have not used their products yet but everything was smooth so far. The ordering process, payment, delivery all went great. Had some issues with my order but they were quick to fix it (my fault) and overall i would say they have Handled everything professionally. so far so good. communication was...
  5. Q

    PuritySourceLabs I’m gonna leave a puritysourcelabs review now

    Not a review type of guy at all but i wanted to put one up on puritysourcelabs PSL because they’ve earned it Currently running 500mgs of their testosterone. Also using viagra and aromasin with it Sex drive is hella strong. I feel like a dirty animal in bed Also my strength is crazy good. I just...
  6. D

    PuritySourceLabs puritysourcelabs bloodwork great

    i did puritysourcelabs and ran it for 8 weeks. I was very pleased with the results which were pretty dramatic. Their service is also excellent. If you go on their website you can submit a ticket and they get back to you pretty quickly. I had a small problem when I made my order which was my...
  7. G

    PuritySourceLabs trust puritysourcelabs

    these guys are very legit, i was scared to order from an online source but will be back again, they were fantastic and their service is A+. the gear is treating me good so far, i’m getting shredded up and i’m still very early in the cycle. top notch products. they did a great job with service...
  8. K

    PuritySourceLabs Do not doubt Puritysourcelabs

    Hey everyone, there is no doubt in my mind that puritysourcelabs is spot on with their products because of my current results I am 8 weeks into my tren, test, and tbol cycle. Very minimal dosing on the cycle I literally ran 200 mg of the tren and test each and just 30mgs of the tbol. I dropped...
  9. Vision

    PuritySourceLabs Discover the best online store that will help you with your Anabolic needs needs PSL

    Website: Contact information: Forum head rep: Vision Get in touch with PSL NOW..ONLY HERE - THIS IS WHERE WE ARE - CLICK RIGHT HERE!!!! REVIEW THREADS: PURITYSOURCELABS.RU Steroid Source Reviews Greetings, The team here at...
  10. B

    PuritySourceLabs cruising with puritysourcelabs

    i decided to commit to bodybuilding and using to get me there. They are a fantastic source and its affordable to do. I ordered about 2 months of gear in advance and then made a 2nd and 3rd order. Happy with all of them. you won’t go wrong here. ordering is easy they are...
  11. P

    PuritySourceLabs PSL customer service help

    Hey guys i need some customer service help from PSL I placed an order and i had some questions about shipping and their products. Specifically i wanted to know ETA on my recent order and also a question about doing a followup order and which steroid they have in stock that is on sale. Is there a...
  12. Y

    PuritySourceLabs review thoughts

    overall i thought they did a good job, really nothing bad to say. The website is pretty easy to navigate and they have everything i needed for cycle and pct. Ordering was fast and i got my products within days after shipment. will recommend them to friends. communication is smooth i had to ask...
  13. N

    PuritySourceLabs Finished PSL cycle and pct

    So i just finished my full 12 week steroid cycle and 4 week pct with PSL I have to tell you this was my best cycle to date. I felt great the whole way through on this cycle My pct also i was able to keep 11 out of 13 pounds i put on. Another thing I love about these guys is that their customer...
  14. R

    PuritySourceLabs PSL took care of me

    I ordered PSL gear and it was on my door step in 2 weeks It was international which made the turnaround even more impressive. I plan on doing domestic next time which i’ve done before and took less than a week If you are looking for super fast service and shipping then i highly recommend trying...
  15. Phill

    PuritySourceLabs HGH PORN

    HGH PORN + peptides
  16. D

    PuritySourceLabs PSL oral options

    I have a question of which PSL oral works the best for pure bulking? I’m 160 pounds and 25 yrs old. Time to bulk up. I have been skinny for too long my choices are dbol, winstrol, anadrol, or superdrol. Which would you pick for me and which PSL brand works best with least sides
  17. X

    PuritySourceLabs 3rd PSL cycle

    My first 2 cycles were also from PSL but i didn’t feel like i got the most out of them cause i wasn’t all in This time i was focused on training and I went to the gym 5 times a week religiously I did testosterone cypionate along with anadrol The anadrol i only did 25mgs a day fantastic results I...
  18. N

    PuritySourceLabs how is PSL primobolan?

    Interested in trying primobolan for first time it will be my 3rd time using steroids how is Psl primo and how much do you recommend I use? I’ve heard ranges from 500- 1200mgs a week
  19. T

    PSL (Purity Source Labs) ???

    So I'm new to this stuff and have been researching for quite some time to make sure I go about this safely. My current concern is, after reviewing this forum, everyone seems to trust PSL here... but on the MAJORITY of other forums, everyone says it's a scam, says that things are under dosed, or...
  20. N

    PuritySourceLabs spot on PSL

    had no issues this time with these guys. Ordered about 2K worth of products and never even worried. a hassle free experience. ordering is a breeze from their site. order was packaged and sealed perfect. ordered different injectables including test, tren, eq, primo. results are good me and my...
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