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  1. G Dianoxyl 10 is fire!

    I’m using the Dianabol called Dianoxyl from xroids It's 10 mg per pill and I'm using five pills a day where i'm splitting it up half in the morning and half in the evening. let me tell you my strength is way up and I've already put on 8 lb in just 5 weeks. I'm going to run it for one more week...
  2. T

    Domestic-Supply Domestic supply AI anti estrogens any good?

    So I already know that domestic supply has really good steroids but my question was can I trust their anti-estrogens as well? I'm planning my next cycle and I'm going to be doing about a thousand milligrams a week of testosterone and I don't want to get caught up with gyno basically I'm looking...
  3. P stuck in customs?

    This is a weird situation i am stuck in UKsteroidship sent me some steroids. They claimed they are within the country but i got a letter saying it is in customs and i need to go down to the office and sign for it to pick it up I am scared that it is a trap. I asked them why this was happening...
  4. D a safe choice

    If you want to order something safe then use steroids for sale They are a safe option I have been using them for around a year off and on I would not hesitate to trust them if you want to stay on and cruise on their gear.
  5. K

    An absolute joy to work with

    Very good people over there at roidsseek I had a problem with my Bitcoin transaction and they got back to me right away and help me fix it. turns out my order got mixed up with someone else's and they thought that I hadn't sent them the money when I did they fixed it and then they shipped me out...
  6. H

    Geneza pharma cycle results

    Hey everyone! Just finished my geneza pharma stack I promised i would come back and let you know how it went. Lost my password to my second account so I'm just going to use my original account that I opened up if you remember I was doing a trenbolone and testosterone stack I ended up gaining...
  7. S

    Domestic-Supply domestic supply my 2nd order

    this is the second time i used these guys. First time went great, 2nd time went just as well. they are very good when it comes to making things easy to order and also shipping it out pretty quickly. took about a week from the time I ordered to receive my package and the gear is fantastic. went...
  8. H fast source!

    Very impressed with anabolic steroids They ship out fast! I made my order on monday and it was at my door on friday Not bad at all I was going to wait to start my cycle till next week but I changed my mind I'm going to go ahead and start it tomorrow
  9. Y losing my mind

    I’m so sick of these crappy sources ! I used steroids What a Disappointing experience from ordering to paying and then to receiving my product. it has been nothing but a stressful experience and I will never recommend them again to anybody
  10. Y is trash products

    Not at all happy with basicstero again Not sure why i used them a 2nd time, i was stupid and impatient i guess I've been on 600 mg of their testosterone for a couple weeks now and not seeing any sort of results at all. pretty sure this is bunk
  11. W straight up trash

    Sportlifepower is a crappy source for sure I do not recommend it and stay away They sent me bathtub gear. First injection my leg swelled up the size of a grapefruit This is Unacceptable and I will be suing them for this type of thing
  12. V

    Would not use again

    Wont’ be using these jokers real gear again Its not even close to real gear! I spent like $800 on this cycle and am using tons of test and anavar. Ran my doses up high and nothing These products are just vitamins in a bottle
  13. T

    G2g yes

    Roidspro is good people I’ve used them for the past year And they never let me down. they have excellent customer service and their products are spot-on. I am on testosterone replacement therapy and my doctor is checking my blood work and he says that everything is where it should be
  14. J 4 weeks and nothing

    Nothing to show for my 4 week oral cycle I did dbol and tbol 30mgs each per day I probably put on in total about two or three pounds which is ridiculous I could have put on more pounds than that using creatine
  15. K solid HGH

    Got some hgh from portlandmethodist After 2ius per day for 2 weeks i increased the dose to 4ius Getting some incredible appetite boosting and effects My results have been better than expected
  16. E

    Very nice dbol

    Hulkroids has some solid dbol I did 50mgs a day for 4 weeks Went from 206 to 220 pounds My bench and squat improved around 40 pounds I will recommend them again
  17. P scammed me again

    2 straight orders from california muscles and they scammed me good First time they got me for $350 2nd order i lost around $650. No clue why i used them a 2nd time, figured cause they were recommended so much that it was a fluke the first time lol.
  18. Y

    Geneza pharma is quality yes

    Just wanted to tell you a quick review and story of my experience with geneza pharma I have been on their gear for the past 2 weeks and using their dbol and tbol I’m doing 25mgs each I've been very impressed with the amount of strength and hardness that I have been getting on the stack together...
  19. U legit source

    Yes anabolic steroids shop is legit i don’t care what anyone says After placing my order with them it took about 2 weeks for me to get my package. I started using the steroids right away and I used testosterone and some halo as my stack had some excellent results and after 6 weeks had already...
  20. T mix up

    Syncstudio stinks when it comes to whoever they hired to ship their products What a joke I ordered testosterone cypionate, he sent me enanthate because he said he didn’t think i would like the cypionate PIP or something. That is dumb. When a customer Order something specifically you should ship...