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    back pain, would sarms help or hurt?

    Was having this discussion with a couple other guys at the gym who were saying that they use sarm and it helped with their back but then an older guy said that he tried them and actually hurt his back more to use them. Anyway was wondering what your experiences here? I’ve had back pain since I...
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    how to blow up on sarms?

    I’m 23 years old I’m 160 pounds I am five foot eight inches. A friend of mine used steroids and he was about my size and he put on about 20 pounds and eight weeks. I would like to do something similar but not quite ready for steroids at my age. My sarms idea looks like this: s23 25mgs a day s4...
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    sarms that Monstro actually likes

    I know that Monstro is the pro on here, and I respect his opinions strongly. But what about with sarms? Is he a sarms guru and fan? Or does he prefer just using steroids and thinks sarms are a waste of time. I will listen to his advice on this, even if others on here chime in no problems its a...
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    using sarms lgd and ostarine for lean gains?

    So I’m a bit confused on using sarms my stats are simple: 5’10’’ 187lbs and I want to put on some lean gains. Feel Like if I bulk up to 200 then I’ll put on too much body fat since right now I’m about 14%. what I’m confused about is using lgd and ostarine together. Would I be able to stack these...
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    can someone out of shape use sarms?

    I’m not in the best of shape, like when I try to jog around the neighborhood I have a hard time not stopping and walking the rest of the way. Used to be in good shape but have fallen off the wagon. 38 years old 240 pounds and six foot tall. Would sarms be okay for me to use?
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    umbrella sarms GW, SR for fat loss

    Gotta I give umbrella two thumbs up for selling fantastic sarms products. Their GW and SR is on point. So easy to take this stuff doesn’t taste bad at all unlike others that I’ve used in the past. Doesn’t upset my stomach which is huge because I like to take them before I do a lot of Endurance...
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    using sarms with low test levels

    my normal test levels Are in the 80s, yes that is as bad as an old person. But I’ve been able to function pretty good even at that test level, however where it hits home is I struggle to put on any muscle mass or strength. This is why I would like to try sarms. Keep in mind I am 52 years old...
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    results after 3 months on sarms

    wondering if you thought my three month sarm cycle was a success or not. I did 8 weeks of RAD + LGD. Then I finished the last 4 weeks with YK11 + S23. Went and got tested and my body fat went from 13% to 11.5%, my body weight went from 172 to 177. currently 24 years old. I want to make sure I...
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    best sarms for physique changes

    looking for some quick advice on sarms that I should consider on my next cycle. Stats are 6’1’’ 270 pounds and I’ve got a belly on me. want to turn my dad bod into a beach bod if that makes sense. Suggest some options for me. I’m currently in my 30’s and it would be cool to get that nice look I...
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    how long to wait between cycles of sarms?

    Not much information out there on how long to take in between a sarm cycle let’s say you do a 12-week cycle like I did which was lgd 10mgs a day and gw 20mgs a day. Because gw isn’t suppressive but lgd is a bit how long would you say I have to wait in between before I can fire up another one...
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    GW and RAD 20mgs each

    stats: 5’9’’ 67kg, 23 years old time for me to try out RAD and GW together using 20mgs a day of each my plan is using them for 8 weeks each would you recommend I try them longer but do a lower dose? Like would 10mgs each be better for 16 weeks instead?
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    do NOT use sarms

    just a fair warning to never use chemyo sarms they are not good people at all I’ve been on their GW, LGD and RAD for 12 weeks and haven’t seen any sort of benefits at all the only thing that I have noticed is that my heart rate is higher by about five or ten points I’m concluding that this stuff...
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    sarms for shredding finally

    so been Struggling to get under 15% body fat for many years I’m hoping you can give me some advice looking to use GW and SR at minimum throwing drugs and other things at my body is something I’m willing to do to achieve my dreams currently 220 pounds and six foot two my goal would be to get to...
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    need advice on sarms options

    I’m 4 weeks into a sarms stack of nutrobal 25mgs a day and s23 20mgs a day not seeing as much results as I hoped. I’m up 5 pounds which to some is probably good but I’m only 155 pounds and 6’1’’ so I feel like I should be up a lot more do you think I should add more sarms to this cycle or do you...
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    cutting body fat quickly on sarms

    I’m 8 weeks away from a wedding and I’m gonna be seeing a lot of people from high school and college I haven’t seen in a while. Back then I was The Jock that was in great shape so it’s embarrassing that I’m now 250 pounds and out of shape looking to do a fast sarms cutting cycle my plan is: gw...
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    Where Can I order Cardarine in US? Any legit and already checked websites?
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    yk11 10mgs vs. 20mgs?

    I’m currently in my late twenties and I’m eager to try out yk11 I’m looking for the best dosage for my goals which are to gain more muscle mass because I am a hard Gainer my current stats are a hundred and forty pounds and five foot 11 I’m eating in a surplus but I just can’t gain anything if I...
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    sarms training stack

    38 years old 5’9’’ 180 pounds I’m looking to use sarms purely for training purposes I do weight training, high intensity cardio and lots of swimming. Want to get benefits across those 3 areas with sarms I’ve heard good things about recovery with ostarine, that one sounds good. What about using...
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    warrior labs sarms are a scam

    for sure warrior labs sarms are fake and are very scammish used their GW501516 and did 20mgs a day every time I would eat something I would break out in a sweat also my endurance took a nose dive. I did not lose weight either, in fact I gained weight which was weird I would not recommend these...
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    23 year old sarms

    I’m a shorter guy 5’5’’ and used to wrestle in high school now I’m just trying to get more athletic and push myself to improve my muscle size and strength my weight is only 160 pounds but I have some lean muscle on my frame. I would like to build more medium sized muscle mass and get bigger with...
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