1. W

    Enhanced sarms came cloudy

    I think I should have listened to you guys on here I ordered some sarms from enhanced athletes. The products are all cloudy so i shook it a bit and it separated within the bottle. Looks like 2 different colors top and bottom. I took it and I felt sick. I’m using their GW cardarine.
  2. W

    will sarms mess up trt?

    I’m on TRT already with my doctor and we do checkups 3 or 4 times a year and he adjusts my dosage. I want to use sarms but am worried I could screw something up with my bloodwork and the doctor could lower my TRT dose. Can you give me some guidance here on what I can expect
  3. JimAbs43

    Evolutionary.org 450 IFBB deaths, SARMS, Underground Labs, and more on this big show.

    Evolutionary.org 450 IFBB deaths, SARMS, Underground Labs, and more on this big show. https://www.evolutionary.org/evolutionary-org-450-ifbb-deaths-sarms-underground-labs-and-more-on-this-big-show/
  4. 2

    Running more than 1 sarm at 20?

    I turned 20 recently over the holidays and I want to start using something more strong like sarms for example my question is is it okay for someone my age to use more than one sarm or should I just stick to one for my first couple years and then use more in the future?
  5. E

    sarms with trenbolone?

    Someone said that using sarms with trenbolone was bad, they don’t interact well and they are a bad stack another guy I read online said the opposite, he said that sarms with trenbolone is good cause it helps with side effects. Can you tell me what you think? If I run 200mg a week trenbolone...
  6. K

    GW stack for energy

    I’m looking to improve energy on this sarms stack gw501516 cardarine 20mg a day 12 weeks s4/andarine 50mg a day 12 weeks lgd4033 12 weeks is this a good stack for my goals? My energy in the gym isn’t good right now, I don’t even feel like going in and halfway through I quit
  7. L

    Tips for first cycle sarms

    I’m 51 years old 6’1 190 pounds I know how to train and diet no problem. Been around the game a long time. My waist is currently 36in and I like to drop a couple sizes. My body fat is about 18%. If I could get down lower it would be great this is my first time using sarms can you help put...
  8. C

    Can sarms shut down your estrogen?

    I was wondering if sarms can shut down your estrogen levels when you take them I know it is normal for testosterone levels to drop on them because you're getting suppressed but does this also mean that your estrogen also jobs and what kind of ramifications can I expect from these happening...
  9. O

    SR9009 now obsolete?

    I was at the gym having a smoothie with a couple buddies of mine were talking about sarms one guy said that he used to you SR9009 before his workouts but said it was now obsolete cause they came up with a new product. I told him that it wasn't actually a sarm him and he started arguing me...
  10. L

    Sarms compared to prohormones

    how do sarms compare to prohormones of the old days? I can remember being able to buy them online with a credit card before they were banned Are sarms any way comparable to those prohormones that we used to use and how do they compare to each other in terms of how much I can improve my physique...
  11. E

    I'm lost with sarms

    so I have a question for you I'm a little bit lost when it comes to how to best use sarms maybe I can give you my information and you can put me on the best sarm cycle for me My goal is to be better when it comes to Athletics. I like to play different sports I also like to weight train a couple...
  12. C

    Workout with sarms

    What is the best way to use sarms during your workout. I was talking to a guy at the gym and he said that he takes them actually during his work out in between his sets. He takes a tiny amount along with some water. He says that it helps him get through his work out and make him get big muscles...
  13. B

    crossfit sarms stacking

    I need to use sarms to get the most out of crossfit. I am seeking lean strength gains and more heavy work improvements we do a lot of C&J’s and cardio at my gym. It is a blast which sarms would work best for my goals here? I’m 48 years old and 183 pounds
  14. N

    PCT a necessity with sarms?

    Do you think running a post Cycle Therapy is necessary when using sarms or is that just broscience? I’m 23 years old I have ran steroids before and did not run a pct and recovered fine If i recovered from steroids why wouldn’t i recover the same way with sarms?
  15. E

    prolactin dangers on sarms?

    I’m going to be purchasing some different sarms and wondering about prolactin risks associated with using them would it be a good idea to take any sort of anti prolactin drug to combat them. Or am I better off just winging it and waiting to see if I get any issues? I’m only 24 and worried about...
  16. D

    Andarine S4 truth

    I'm interested in using S4 andarine as a solo stack sarms run I'm 5 ft 8 in 150 lb goal is to gain 12 lb in 12 weeks on the stuff my interest is getting some strength as well what do you think about this plan and do I really need to run a post Cycle Therapy after or will I be okay just coming...
  17. 3

    bridging with sarms

    I am coming off a LGD4033 and RAD140 cycle I want to bridge with sarms to keep my gains then I will do a steroid cycle next which sarms would work for this? I put on 8 pounds on my sarms cycle, and I would like to keep atleast half of that then I would be very happy :) I’m currently 212 pounds...
  18. S

    24 year old needs sarms

    I have been using steroids for 5 years since I was about 19. I know this was too early but I felt like I could make a living as a bodybuilder now I realized that I can’t. So I am stopping steroids and turning to sarms instead what are the strongest sarms I can do that are safe for someone in my...
  19. A

    Do sarms work fast?

    I had a question about how fast sarms work. We're coming up on the new year and I would like to get set up on a sarm cycle but I don't have the patience to wait it out for 12 or 16 weeks to see results. If not I'm going to just run steroids.so vs. steroids how fast do you think sarms can work for me
  20. X

    International sarms

    I ordered some sarms internationally and they got to me and they don't have any labels. The vials are just blank full of liquid. I have ordered three different types of sarm's how do I know which sarm is which? I'm worried that Customs ripped off the labels