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    Sarms and being lean

    Looking for the best sarms stack for leaning out I have an OKAY look but not happy with it I would describe myself as a poor man’s brad pitt body with love handles I’m about 22% body fat. 5’8’’ and 208 pounds GW cardarine i have read a lot of good things. But not sure how to use it or if you are...
  2. X

    Gw cardarine is gross lol

    Gw cardarine is what i chose to take I’m 33 years old and 5’11’’ and 320 pounds I am overweight a lot. Want to drop 100 pounds would be cool My issue is taking GW. I dry heave when I take the stuff it tastes awful. is there a different way that I can take it and what can you recommend in terms...
  3. D

    Check out these 2 sarms

    Which 2 sarms work the best stacked? My goal is to increase lean muscle mass but I don't want to put on any body fat. this was my problem when I use steroids is that I would get a lot of weight increase but a lot of it would be dirty weight I'm 5'7 and I weigh 210 lb and I'm 28 years old
  4. X

    3 sarms together

    I like to run my own version of the triple stack sarms it's going to be ostarine mk2866 Gw cardarine And lgd4033 my goal here is to do some lean muscle progress and burn some fat That would be fun but need help with dosing I’m 5’7’’ and 220 pounds. 30% body fat
  5. J

    Best recovery sarms?

    I started doing CrossFit training with a group It is brutal and i need your help with sarms we do a lot of endurance, strength, and high volume. so that is the area that I need help with. I'm 6'1 around 185 lb but I fluctuate my weight quite a bit so some days I get up to close to 190 lb what do...
  6. W

    Finished sarms and need pct help

    Just got off a sarms stack I did 8 weeks of s23 and yk11 at 10mgs each, then raised it to 20-30mgs of each per day for 12 more weeks I’m 23 years old Gained about 8 pounds on this stack no joke But i am worried about suppression. Can you recommend a strong pct or how does it work?
  7. L

    Which test is best?

    I'm 27 years old and I'm ready to try my first real steroid cycle 65kg, 5’6’’ I have done things like prohormones and sarms before but never anabolics my question is which testosterone works best? I don't mind having to inject often because I know it's part of the game
  8. B

    Large sarms run

    Ready to take things to the next level with sarms I’ve got 4 i want to run together ostarine mk2866 Lgd4033 Sr9009 andarine/s4 Would this be a safe stack for someone who is 22 years old. 5’6’’ and 120 pounds who want to bulk?
  9. A

    Recomping help sarms

    I am looking at using sarms with some oral anavar oxandrolone I’m 5’6’’ 179 pounds and 20% body fat 28 years old Which sarms stack well with var for fat loss and recomp?
  10. H

    Ostarine works good with ?

    Mk ostarine works the best with what sarms? I’m 6’1’’ and 183 pounds. 12% body fat Goals: get leaner and stronger I’m 39 years old
  11. L

    What can i expect on 4 weeks of sarms?

    Let’s say i did 4 weeks of sarms. I ran sr9009 + s23 for 4 weeks What kind of results would i see to my physique and be honest I’m currently hovering around 150 lb and 5 ft 7 in I'm 22 years old and I am around 14 to 16% body fat
  12. L

    40 years old and horny with sarms

    I’m in my 40’s now and using sarms I have gotten super horny using them I’m on yk11 and using 40mgs a day I was also using sr9009 too but stopped it Is this normal?
  13. B

    Why am i growing tits on sarms?

    I've been on sarms for about 5 weeks and I'm using lgd4033 20mgs a day I am using it from enhanced athletes endorsed by dr. huge I am starting to grow boobs on the stuff no joke. It is like i have man boobs and they flop around I'm 22 years old and I'm very worried that I will have to have...
  14. S

    Okay to add in S23 here?

    My plan is nutrobal mk677 25mgs/day Sr9009 30mgs per day 6 weeks on those, then 6 more weeks lgd4033 I’m 67kg, 6’ and 24 years old Would s23 be okay to add in ? I want more bulk and strength
  15. S

    Sarms for lean gains

    I am skinny fat currently 5’10’’, 189 pounds, 20% body fat I want to gain some lean muscle My plan is lgd4033 with either GW or SR9009 What else would you do?
  16. U

    Sarms and low energy help

    which sarms are best for boosting my energy levels? I’m 23 years old 5’7’’ 185 pounds, body fat is 20-22% I train like 3x per week. I do cardio. Hard for me to jog though, when i run i feel very nauseous and I come home and have to take a cold shower
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    5 year break from sarms

    Wow sarms have come a long way in 5 years Back then i was using lgd4033 a lot Now people are using some things like yk11 and s23. Seems like people are getting more aggressive with their sarms usage do you recommend i hop on one of those stronger compounds or should I take a more conservative...
  18. G

    Sarms for muscle and size

    6’2’’ 210lbs and 20% body fat Check out this stack for muscle and size i put together S23 20mgs a day Lgd4033 25mgs a day 3700c per day 6 meals per day Mostly brown rice, chicken and spinach
  19. D

    Would ostarine and lgd be enough here?

    I would like to put on five or six pounds in 12 weeks I'm looking to use some sarms lgd 4033 and ostarine MK 2866 if I was to run the recommended dosage of 25 mg a day of each for 12 weeks do you think I could accomplish this? My current stats are only 155 pounds and 5’11’’ and i am 28 years old
  20. F

    Need to cut down more sarms

    I went from 320 to 270 over the past 6 months I need to cut down more My ultimate goal is to get to 220 so maybe another 50 or so pounds I’m 40 years old and have been working out off and on for a long time Which sarms can i start using to help me ?