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  1. J

    Huge fan but need sarms help

    I’m a huge fan of all of you on here. But i need some sarms aid I've hit a Crossroads where I'm not sure which way to go. this is going to be my third cycle of sarms. I had previously ran sarms with steroids together. EQ and anavar. And some test too This time want to just do sarms My plan is...
  2. S

    GW and mk2866 safe post surgery?

    I recently had surgery to remove a golf ball size non cancerous tumor out of my back The doctor said not to weight train for atleast 5 weeks to let the wound heal and allow the stitches to come out Would i be able to take some gw and ostarine in the mean time to help keep fat away and keep my...
  3. B

    First cycle sarms

    Been a lot of people posting their first Cycles with sarms and I've been learning a lot so thank you my situation is a little bit unique. first off I'm only 24 years old and I'm a shorter guy about five inches and I weigh 230 lb as you can imagine my body fat is pretty high for my height I have...
  4. E

    Adding sarms to hrt?

    I’m doing hgh 2iu’s per day, and test cyp 150mgs a week via my anti aging clinic They would like me to raise my test dose higher but i told them i wanted to use sarms instead has anyone on here added sarms to hrt and how did it work? Will it affect my testosterone levels either up or down? how...
  5. A

    First sarms run excited

    Very happy to share my first sarms cycle and get your thoughts My goals are to increase strength, get a better physique, and also get better when it comes to my cardio because I've never done well at that. My sarms cycle will look like this: MK 2866 25 mgs a day GW 501516 10 mgs a day S4 50-75...
  6. D

    Strong endurance base with sarms

    I am a 38 year old endurance athlete and I would like to improve my speed. I'm currently around 175 lb and 6 ft tall I've seen some good reports from cardarine and also ostarine can you explain to me what are the benefits of using this and should I do 12 weeks or should I do a shorter cycle? my...
  7. J

    Healthiest sarms stack?

    Looking to improve my overall health this is why I'm interested in sarms Should i run them at lower dosages? My main objective is anti aging Hence why mk677 nutrobal seems smart. Maybe 5-10mgs a day is good? And then i can add in some ostarine mk2866 for more benefits. I’m 58 and have high blood...
  8. Q

    Umbrella sarms fat loss

    so this is the third time I've ordered from umbrella this time I got their cutter stack which included some peptides and cardarine gw Ran them for 4 weeks and didn’t see A LOT of results, but doing research i know you gotta keep it going longer. Once i was 6 weeks into it then the fat started...
  9. D

    Sarms MK, GW, and S4 ready to rumble

    I’m ready to kick some ass on this stack Its gonna be mk2866 ostarine 50mgs, gw cardarine 20mgs and andarine s4 50mgs. I might drop the s4 to 25mgs if the vision issues get too crazy Currently near 200 lb would like to get over it without increasing my body fat which is around 13 to 14%. if I...
  10. R

    Long water fasting and sarms

    I’m gonna be doing a 7 day fast which i might extend longer up to 14 days Would like to use sarms with it. Question is if i do that will it break my fast? I've been online and researched this for days and I keep getting conflicting information also when it comes to muscle loss with running the...
  11. R

    More or less sarms here?

    A bit about me: 22 yrs old and 218 pounds/6’5’’ Very serious weightlifter I've been doing it since I was about 14 or 15 and I was even training all summer while in school while my friends were partying Would like to take things to the next level further My dosing looks like this on S23, YK11 and...
  12. H sarms anxiety

    Never dealt with anything like this before Been using chemyo sarms for the past 2 weeks Woke up in the middle of the night with a crazy dream where I was getting choked to death went to the bathroom and went back to sleep thought nothing of it. and the next day I started getting a lot of jitters...
  13. N

    The skinny on an LGD run

    New to sarms, but have used pro hormones before. My training is 4x per week, with 2 days a week of cardio I’m looking to use lgd4033 20mgs a day Its gonna be a strong sarms stack i know Also looking to add in some gw cardarine to it to help with endurance Would 30mgs of GW be enough? I’m 6’1’’...
  14. K

    First cycle of sarms

    I’ve made up my mind to use sarms. But I'm a bit nervous going 12 weeks on something I've never used before. would I be able to do 6 weeks or 8 weeks at the max? If i do a solo cycle of ostarine mk28636 would i get any results or should i run s4/andarine with it? Keep in mind i drive a lot at...
  15. W

    Umbrella sarms and peptides for weight loss

    I’m doing a peptide and sarms stack from umbrella to lose fat So far, so good I've been using their cardarine gw, sr9009, and ostarine with sarms 20mgs of each per day And then for peptides i’m using their CJC and AOD I started around 260 pounds and 25% body fat I’m now 225 and 15% body fat...
  16. H

    Best endurance sarms for newbie

    I'm very new to the whole endurance thing Only been doing it for a few months but so far i’m making good progress. I’ve gotten my mile time under 10 minutes. My goal is 8 minutes in the next 8 weeks I know that sr9009 and gw cardarine are the 2 best sarms for endurance but what else is good for...
  17. L

    3 stack sarms but need more

    Not getting quite enough from this cycle as i was expecting Would like to either raise the dosages or add in more sarms Currently doing 3 sarms Andarine s4 25mgs a day Lgd4033 5mgs a day Gw cardarine 20mgs a day I’m 25, 144 pounds and 5’6’’ Was expecting to gain more, only up about 3 or 4 pounds
  18. L

    Lean and mean look with sarms?

    Hey has everyone seen some of these guys on instagram and how lean and mean they look? I mean cmon that can’t be from sarms can it? They have to be steroids or am i wrong on that? Would like to look like them. Right now I would describe my physique as fluffy. I'm holding a lot of water weight...
  19. I

    Anything better than GW for fat loss?

    is there any other sarm out there that you would say would be better than cardarine gw? I'm currently doing it 25 mg a day and it's been about 2 weeks but I'm not seeing any type of fat loss. I definitely see a difference in the gym when I am weight training and when I do cardio. I'm sort of...
  20. H

    What products to use with sarms?

    hearing a lot about people using sarms but haven't seen enough information when it comes to which supplements you would recommend to use with them? I plan on running a pretty massive sarms stack and i’m spending like $1000 so dont mind spending $100 on supplements too for this cycle. It will be...
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