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    is s23 safe for 24 year old?

    Seen some debate lately on how effective s23 would be for a 24 year old I just turned 24. have done 2 sarms cycle so far. Didn’t get much out of them though so want to turn up the dial and use s23 would 25mgs a day be good or should I try something else? Just don’t want to waste money on a mild...
  2. V

    using test prop to kickstart?

    Everyone always recommends to use oral steroids to kick start your cycle but what about using testosterone propionate instead? I would like to avoid liver problems with oral steroid so I’m looking to stick with injectables my cycle will be this: 300mgs test prop first 4 weeks only 600mgs EQ and...
  3. R

    30 years old, first cycle in years

    ran some cycles when I was super young. Like 20-22 years old didn’t really know what I was doing At the time but I was able to bulk up big would like to get back to how I was before I’m now around 6’ and 180ish pounds. More of a slender build with some muscle but legs really skinny I’m...
  4. V

    Would you recommend sustanon?

    So my source doesn’t have test cyp or E in stock right now. He said he won’t get more until after the New Year and I don’t want to wait he recommended I get sustanon and offered me a buy 3 get 1 free deal thinking of picking up four vials of it do you think this is an appropriate option for a...
  5. J

    using steroids for 18 weeks

    I haven’t seen too many threads on here where people are laying out how long they are using their steroids seems like many of you just stay on them year round or some of you might go 6 or 8 weeks and then stop I’m wondering what do you think about using steroids for 18 weeks is that too long?
  6. C

    any value in using creatine after steroids?

    So I’m no longer a steroid virgin obviously they work far better than regular supplements when it comes to building muscle however my question is if I want to take a year off from steroids is there any point in using a supplement like creatine or am I just wasting my time with it now that I’ve...
  7. A

    stacking in GW with an oral steroids

    I’m gonna order some cardarine GW. Now I’ve done a lot of research on it and I found that it’s not liver toxic at all so it can be safely combined with an oral steroid has that been your real-time experiences though when you’ve actually used it or is that just what the studies show not looking...
  8. F

    Anadrol 50mgs a day sufficient ?

    Was looking to go from using pro hormones to using anadrol 50mgs a day seems like the Popular way to use it my question is do you think that’s sufficient since I’m using a solo and would six weeks be long enough? I’m 25 years old 5 foot 11 inches and 185 pounds
  9. R

    more pumps guys

    I view getting pumps in the gym like getting more horsepower to your car I’m 38 years old 6’1’’ and 194 pounds I noticed when I carb up before a workout my sarms definitely get better so I plan on doing that but would steroids would you recommend for the best pumps especially on arm day :)
  10. X

    21 year old college athlete female

    I’m a female college athlete who is trying to earn a scholarship at a bigger college for volleyball or soccer my main complaint is my recovery times are not good especially since I’m balancing to sports my boyfriend is both a track star and a football player and he has a much easier time with...
  11. V

    Boyfriend stopped talking to me while on steroids

    I’m reaching out to you on here to find out your opinions on what is going on with my boyfriend I am a 23 year-old female and he is a 24 year old male we started dating around three months ago and I’ve been head over heels in love with him he just started using steroids for the first time and...
  12. H

    back pain from steroids

    when I am on anabolic steroids I experienced a lot of back pain it’s especially when I am doing pull-downs and it’s my lower back that tightens up do you have any idea what is causing this I hope it’s not my kidneys. Is there any supplements that can help with this pain?
  13. V

    just cruising for a year ?

    Tired of cycling steroids off and on looking to just stay on if possible for the year plan is to blast and cruise 200mgs test + 250mgs primo as my cruise for blast 400mgs test + 500mgs primo + 500mgs EQ I’m 42 years old and I’m 270 pounds looking to cut down and also keep my strength what do you...
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    running 3g a week steroids. Best supps?

    I’m going to be running three grams of gear a week for 6 weeks I just want to see what it’s going to be like. What are the best support supplements that you recommend to help me during this time? I’m hoping to see some results from this but avoid some of the many side effects that I’m opening...
  15. K

    boosting my muscle without harsh steroids

    I’m looking to do a light steroid cycle it’s gonna be Primo and testosterone. Now my dosage with Primo I was thinking of going 600 mg a week very the testosterone I was thinking of doing 300 mg a week if I were to go this route what I still need an anti estrogen? I want to keep side effects low...
  16. M

    do you depend on steroids too much?

    I’m 24 years old and I’ve been using steroids now for the past two years. At this point I can’t imagine even training without them anymore example my last cycle I did testosterone and I ran some anavar with it I was getting extreme hardness and vascularity the likes I’ve never seen before when I...
  17. X

    next cycle and steroids for size

    I’m looking to put on some size on my frame. I was originally a weightlifter, then I got away from it and now I’m going back to it. I put on 20 pounds since I’ve been back weight training over the past year. A friend of mine suggested I get on testosterone and deca. He said to run 200 mg of the...
  18. E

    How to run test E and sustanon

    I'm looking to use a couple steroids. Sustanon and test E are the ones i want to try Looking to get on 300mgs of each per week. The sust i got comes in 300mg/ml so that is what i will take 1CC per week along with the test E Do i need an Ai with this? I’m 28. 2nd cycle. 5’9’’ 158 pounds
  19. M

    How old were you when you did your first cycle?

    I was wondering when was the first time you popped your cherry and ran your first steroid cycle? I'm currently 24 years old and I'm excited to try steroids. I've seen what they are capable of doing with some of these guys at the gym who are really ripped and huge I'm currently around 200 lb and...
  20. H

    Geneza pharma outstanding finish to cycle

    I’ve been on geneza pharma gear for the past 12 weeks Decided to finish the cycle with some winstrol and masteron to get things really shredded My six pack is really popping out now and I'm really impressed with the way I look. I'm standing in front of the mirror and flexing my stomach and it's...
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