1. JimAbs43

    Evolutionary.org Hardcore #150 - King Kamali Steroid Cycle

    Evolutionary.org Hardcore #150 - King Kamali Steroid Cycle https://www.evolutionary.org/evolutionary-org-hardcore-150-king-kamali-steroid-cycle/
  2. JimAbs43

    Evolutionary.org Podcast #408 - Home Gym, MMA, Sleep and steroids

    Evolutionary.org Podcast #408 - Home Gym, MMA, Sleep and steroids… https://www.evolutionary.org/evolutionary-org-podcast-408-home-gym-mma-sleep-and-steroids/
  3. J

    bulking with sarms 2 of them

    which are the 2 best sarms you could run if given the opportunity when it comes to bulking. I am 155 pounds and want to gain 8-10 pounds this cycle. I heard sarms are okay for 22 year olds instead of using steroids so that is why I want to try them
  4. X

    running steroids without training

    what do you think about the videos online of guys saying that you don’t have to workout or eat good to get results from steroids? They seem to sight studies that show that people ran steroids and didn’t do anything and still improved their body composition.
  5. M

    Any tips for using leftover gear

    How come every time I calculate my cycle and I get the right amount of steroids it seems like it's always off. Either it's too little and I have to order more during the cycle or end up with leftover steroids? It's so weird. Anyway what do you do if you end up with extra steroids on hand you...
  6. D

    How do YOU store your steroids

    I have read different ways to store steroids and I know you're supposed to keep them at room temperature or away from sunlight just like any other medication. my question is do how YOU specifically do it. do you also keep your needles hidden away from your wife or kids and where do you keep them
  7. R

    50s steroid use

    how have your steroid use changed over the years from when you started using in your twenties all the way into your 50s. I am in my mid-fifties and I have not used steroids in 15 years. The last time I use steroids I was in my late 30s and I know a lot has changed since then both with steroid...
  8. T

    best sarms for cutting down?

    I’m 55 years old 5’8’’ 199 pounds I want to achieve a lean but athletic build. What are the best sarms I should use for this? Willing to spend some money on this and also willing to try 2 or 3 sarms at one time. Please don’t recommend steroids I am not going that route
  9. R

    Questionable practices PMRoids

    I'm hearing a lot of stuff about PMRoids and their style of producing their underground gear. Someone told me they do it out of a trailer in the middle of a rural part of Kansas down a long dirt road. Is this a sterile place to make steroids for people.? I don't think so. I would not touch these...
  10. H

    Will napsgear ship to my hotel

    I am going to be staying in a hotel for 4 weeks out of my 12 week cycle Before I go home. it is for work and there's nothing I can do to get out of it. Would I be able to ship my steroids to the hotel or would it be better to have napsgear ship it themselves. Just looking for some tips and ideas
  11. M

    Steroids safe for sleep

    37 years old 174 pounds 5 ft 7 in 13% body fat Some issues I have… I have trouble sleeping at night, I never wake up feeling refreshed. So whatever steroid I use it can't be something that will affect sleep. I think Trenbolone is a bad idea from what I've read. What steroids are safe for sleep
  12. L

    Do i need a pct after ostarine only cycle?

    I’m 33 years old Never used sarms before only steroids 5’9’’ 160 pounds Body fat is around 11% I ran a 12 week ostarine MK only cycle at 50mg a day. I had good lean muscle gains, gained about 6 pounds total. Do i need a pct after this or is it okay since ostarine isn’t as suppressive as other...
  13. K

    Fertility and steroid

    I am trying to have kids with my wife and I'm currently on a steroid cycle. I'm running Trenbolone at 250 mg a week, and I'm running testosterone at 300 times a week. before I started my cycle I really going to think about having kids, but now I'm 8 weeks into cycle and we're trying to have...
  14. D

    Using steroids with high body fat

    I am 5 foot 11 and 310 lb. I have a high body fat not sure how much but it's pretty high as you can tell by my stats. What are the risks of me using anabolic steroids at my size, wouldn't they help me get into better shape since guys who used steroids look like they are really thin and ripped
  15. D

    Proper size needles

    what are the proper size needles when you are running oil based steroids? I had a discussion with a friend of mine and he said that he uses smaller needles. He uses 1/2 in insulin needle and he says that it's okay if it doesn't get deep into the muscle as long as it gets in your body. I told him...