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  1. B

    adding testosterone as my base

    goals are mostly lean bulking. I’m 35 years old and 5’10’’ 217 pounds. I’m looking to add steroids to my cycle that I am putting together its gonna be primo 300mgs a week and EQ 500mgs a week. 12 weeks total how much testosterone would you add and which ester do you recommend?
  2. JimAbs43

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  3. E

    what do you use while on steroids?

    What supplements Are you guys honestly using while you are on steroids I’m looking to get the most out of my cycle but I don’t want to take anything that’s going to cause more harm. Can you give me a recommendation for a supplement that will help with Everything on cycle that can occur something...
  4. JimAbs43

    Podcast Hardcore 2.0 #77 - Introduction to Ultima Pharma Hardcore 2.0 #77 - Introduction to Ultima Pharma
  5. R

    mild stack using test 500mgs and something else

    Currently 25 years old. 185 pounds and six foot two third time using steroids use them in my early 20s but didn’t know what I was doing looking to do a mild stack using 500 milligrams of testosterone along with something else for 12 weeks what would you recommend that is mild and something that...
  6. F

    getting lean with steroids help

    I’m around 216 pounds and I’m tall and I have around 14% body fat 38 years old I’m looking to get more lean but I don’t want to sacrifice any muscle or strength. That is why I am running another steroid cycle this will be my third time using them but the first time I’ve used them for this sort...
  7. JimAbs43

    Podcast Hardcore 2.0 #73 - Why 15ml vials better than 10ml - with Euro Pharma Hardcore 2.0 #73 - Why 15ml vials better than 10ml - with Euro Pharma
  8. T

    using s4 andarine during a strength phase?

    A friend of mine said they used andarine s4 50mgs a day during a strength phase and got good results pretty quick. Looking to use 75 milligrams a day for 12 weeks. I’m trying to break a plateau when it comes to strength both on my squats and also my bench press. I’m currently around five foot 10...
  9. K

    66 years old and first steroid cycle

    hello I’m 66 years old and my wife recently passed away so I am a widow. I spent a few months grieving but now I want to improve my body and get into the best shape of my life. Recently I got my testosterone levels checked and they were around the 470 area so my doctor said that I’m good. But he...
  10. JimAbs43

    Podcast Hardcore 2.0 #71 - Best Summer cut with Beligas Pharma Hardcore 2.0 #71 - Best Summer cut with Beligas Pharma
  11. B

    I love steroids but hate how my joints feel on them

    I’m six foot 4 178 pounds and I have a very lanky physique I’ve done 3 steroid cycles and each time my joints get worse and worse. I think I am putting too much pressure on them as I’m getting stronger. For example my bench press went from 180 pounds and now it’s up to 270 pounds. The steroids I...
  12. Z

    Using 200mgs of 3 steroids per week thoughts

    looking to get a more balanced physique and trim up and cut down some fat. The 3 steroids I want to use and do 200mgs of per week: trenbolone masteron primobolan would it be okay for me to use the tren for just 10 weeks but use the mast and primo for 12 weeks? Or do you think I should just use...
  13. B

    Who on here likes high doses of sustanon?

    33, 5’10’’ 178 pounds lean I did 2 cycles so far. 500Mgs of sustanon and then 750mgs of sustanon. Both cycles were really good but I liked my 2nd one better. This time I want to jack up the dose even further maybe go to 1250mgs. Has anyone used that sort of dosage for 12 weeks? What were your...
  14. Y

    equipoise cycle benefits and goals

    I’m Trying to get an idea of what kind of benefits I can expect using equipoise for the first time. We’d like to set some realistic goals as that always helps me push myself. A bit about me first I’m 30 years old this is my third time using steroids I’m 195 pounds and I’m five foot ten. My main...
  15. R

    you can’t keep raising test dosages lol

    so first cycle I did 250mgs of test per week. Had okay results nothing too much second cycle I did 500 milligrams and I had really good results did not use an AI and I blow up around 15 pounds third cycle I decided to use an AI and I did 750 milligrams but my results weren’t as good I think I...
  16. S

    lower back pain on steroids

    I’ve been dealing with a lot of lower back pain on steroids done some research online and came to the conclusion that either it’s my kidneys that are giving me problems or it could be from pumps. Do you have an idea of what supplements I can take to help out with this condition
  17. C

    losing my confidence on steroids

    I’ve been on steroids for the past few weeks and starting to lose my confidence and mojo. A bit frustrated with how things are going in my life as well. What would you recommend I do in terms of using steroids for the rest of my cycle? So far I am on test cyp, dianabol and using some superdrol...
  18. H

    Tren is making me a different person

    I’m usually a happy and go lucky dude. Being on tren has changed me. Nothing is enough on it, I gotta have atleast 4 or 5 side chicks. Was out with one of them at a mexican restaurant and the waitress forgot to bring me my faijitas and I got pissed and took it out on the girl and she ran out of...
  19. N

    getting less body fat with steroids and shredding

    Bodybuilding is not a passion for me nor is the idea of getting on stage in a bikini and showing off in front of other people. I’m just a normal Joe who wants to lose some body fat and get shredded. My current stats are 30 years old and I’m five foot 10 ..200 pounds and I’m around 15% body fat...
  20. F

    best steroids for 2nd cycle

    first cycle I did test + dbol 2nd cycle would like to run test and dbol again but this time add in something else. What would you recommend I use on this cycle on top of those? Goals are more muscle gains and strength improvements I’m 212 pounds and six foot two and I’m 28 years old
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