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  1. SolidOsvi

    Cycle advice

    Hello brothers I need some advice here. Am 39 yo about 205lb 6’ 3” body fat% 13-15 Currently on 300 test E a week with 2 iu GH 1500 hcg and 20mg Anavar on a caloric deficit,cardio 3-4 times a week. I want to get to 8-10% so I can bulk up,I’ve been making good progress but this last few bit of...
  2. Z

    can’t seem to hydrate on trenbolone

    I don’t mean to be a little bitch. But tren side effects are brutal nothing worse then not being able to hydrate enough on the stuff I’m getting thirsty just posting this lol I’m running 300mgs a week of it. Are there any tricks to properly hydrating on the stock or is it something that I just...
  3. D

    trenbolone cycle with NPP

    gonna be trying trenbolone for the first time I’m in my late 30s and I’m looking to push myself to the next level. I’m 166 pounds and 5 foot 6 inches. My body fat is around seven or eight percent. I spent the last five years, mostly training, for Endurance Sports. Now I’m transitioning to...
  4. R

    How to measure a successful cycle

    So when i first started using steroids 3 years ago i was 166 pounds at 5’6’’, i had gained about 20 or so pounds over the course of 9 months focusing on just weight training. I got home a steroid cycle of test and deca and gained like 20 pounds fast Came off and did pct. Lost half of that. Then...
  5. G

    Trenbolone ace dosing mistake ?

    Currently 40 years old 5’10’’ and 185 pounds I was doing tren ace and injecting with a 29G ½ slin pin into my delts.. 1/2CC each injection EOD. My patience had run out because it took too long to do it this way so i started to use a bigger needle. Now my question since its a bigger needle should...
  6. Y

    Getting nausea on cycle

    I started to get nausea on my cycle using trenbolone and superdrol it usually happens after I eat a big meal I'll start feeling like I want to throw up what do you recommend I start taking in terms of supplementation in this situation? I've tried Pepto-Bismol and it hasn't done anything. should...
  7. JimAbs43

    Podcast 545 - Why some LOVE trenbolone 545 - Why some LOVE trenbolone
  8. V

    Cycle for my boyfriend

    My boyfriend wants to use steroids. He is 24, 5’10’’ 195 . i will guess his body fat is 20% area, maybe a bit less. He has love handles and visible abs in the morning. He has used steroids for 2 years and considers himself advanced, he wants to lean bulk He wants to use testosterone, trenbolone...
  9. C

    Geneza Geneza pharma trenbolone is fire!

    Geneza pharma trenbolone acetate, enanthate and hex all in 1. I ordered their tri-tren its called I’m very impressed with it and highly recommend you try it too no joke I am up 8 lb and it's only been 3 weeks and I've also increased my strength on all my big lifts by about 30 pounds. I'm also...
  10. JimAbs43 Hardcore 2.0 #11 - Pharmacom - Spring Cutting Cycles with Trenbolone Hardcore 2.0 #11 - Pharmacom - Spring Cutting Cycles with Trenbolone
  11. Q

    After trenbolone, whats next

    So i want to try another steroid after finishing my recent tren cycle Here is my last cycle: Tren ace 7 weeks (had to stop it cause the sides) 300mgs a week, with test at 150mgs a week Nice cycle, good gains blah blah blah Next cycle i want something that can help bring up my gains from that...
  12. L

    My steroids are causing some sides

    I’m 42 years old, 5’10’’ and 210 pounds with roughly 16% body fat was doing 1000mgs of testosterone with 700mgs of trenbolone enanthate The side effects were okay the first 3 weeks. Then by week 4 all hell broke loose and it's been miserable. I’m dealing with a lot of insomnia, water retention...
  13. Y


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  14. T

    Best place/pharmaceutical to buy tren A from?

  15. F

    Powerlifting stack for older guy

    I am in my mid-50s and I've been powerlifting for the past 5 years before that I had done some competitive bodybuilding competitions nothing too big but it was a lot of fun I'm looking to get stronger because I know that pretty soon I'm going to hit 60 years old and won't be able to lift as much...
  16. A

    Napsgear trenbolone options

    I noticed that napsgear has a ton of options for trenbolone They have it all Tren ace Tren E Tren hex Tren blends with masteron and test Tren blends with short esters and long esters I’m pretty blown away with all their options and wasn’t sure which one you recommended Basically i’m looking to...
  17. K

    Steroid stacking with dbol and tren

    38 years old 5 ft 11 216 lb I'm looking to use trenbolone 50mgs EOD Would like to use dbol with it 10-20mgs a day total what is going to be the best way to stack these together? I don't mind the side effects I run them both individually and I did very well on them my goal is more strength
  18. S

    Radical transformation options

    I'm looking to radically transform my physique I would like to go from being flubby to rock hard I'm 5 ft 8 in and I'm 207 lb. my body fat is around 26% and I am in my mid 20s I'm looking at using trenbolone first and foremost. my friends have had a lot of success with it. my question is what...
  19. C

    Can a skinny guy slam steroids?

    A friend of mine was super skinny. Skin and bones He decided to hop on steroids and he got big and i was shocked I am also really skinny. My stats are embarrassing but here they are: 5’11’’ 140 pounds and 7% body fat I’m 25 years old but my friend was 27 He used trenbolone and testosterone and...
  20. N

    Trenbolone cycle with a little test?

    Hello my friends I’m 32 years old Have got about 4 cycles under my belt 207 pounds, 5’8’’ body fat is 14% this is the first time I have tried trenbolone heard a lot of good things about it from friends of mine but wanted to try it out myself do you recommend something like this? 150mgs 3 x a...
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