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  1. R

    100mgs winstrol solo or stacked?

    One of my favorite bodybuilders on social media came out and said that his favorite steroid was Winstrol and he likes to run in 100 mg a day. I definitely want to try doing the same thing. my question is would it be okay to run it by itself or should I stack it with maybe some testosterone or...
  2. C

    best cycle for joints

    so a bit about me 25 years old 6’1’’ 184 pounds athlete all my life serious weight training for 3 years over the past 6 months have been dealing with a lot of joint pain all over my body post workout and the next day. Seems to get better after 2 days rest I’m hoping to use steroids but I know...
  3. L

    Geneza pharma cycle updates

    I wanted to update everyone 5 weeks into my cycle I am having a blast this time Getting some really good gains and results I am using tren, test, and winstrol Doing moderate to low doses of each. Only 25mgs winny, 150mgs test, and 250mgs tren That is all you need with geneza for great results I...
  4. J

    Time for some cutting?

    37 5'8 182 My body fat has been creeping up closer to 15% and I think it's time for me to do a cutting cycle to get me back down I’m looking at using winstrol, masteron, and maybe primobolan how would you stack these steroids together for maximum results if I wanted to cut back down under 10%...
  5. K

    Check out my entire cycle and pct from critique it

    I’m 26 yrs old and my friend is helping me with a light first cycle I’m 6’ tall and 65kg. 250 mg testosterone cypionate 50mgs a day anavar 50mgs a day winstrol 12 weeks total Pct: hcg, clomid and fadogia
  6. P

    Post tren, next step

    I just got done doing trenbolone for about 2 years I mixed with with winstrol, primobolan, testosterone, and anavar I'm not quite sure where I'm supposed to go from here. is there a stronger steroid out there that I can experiment with? I’m trying to maintain my size. I’m 5’7’’ and 196 pounds...
  7. Y

    Lean but want to be leaner

    28 years old, I’m down to around 8% body fat. My trainer at the gym said that you have to have SOME body fat but i want to get even leaner Very strict diet and i do cardio atleast 5x per week 1+ hour Which i look into using proviron and maybe winstrol? Or should i try primobolan 500mgs a week?
  8. X

    winstrol and equipoise?

    Haven’t seen anyone post up this stack of steroids seems like both are similar yet also quite different if that makes sense would 500mgs of EQ and a basic dose of 25mgs of winstrol be good? Or should I increase the winny 25mgs every 2 weeks? And how long do I need to run EQ? I’m 27 years old...
  9. L

    450 pound powerlifter

    I am a power lifter and weigh 450 lb 6 ft 9 in and I can bench close to 600. I’m 42 years old my next steroid stack I would like to improve my endurance and maybe lose somebody fat I was thinking of trying either masteron or Winstrol for the first time. I know both of those are good for...
  10. X

    Does test mix with winstrol?

    Someone said you shouldn’t mix too much testosterone with winstrol cause it will cause a lot of hair loss I am very prone to hair loss and its important to me since it runs in my family. I don’t want to go bald. I’m only 29 and already have a receding hair line My full stats are 5’9’’ 180 pounds
  11. K

    Testosterone 500mgs a week + winstrol

    Interested in trying winstrol for the first time I want to either kickstart or finish with it. my friend said it's better to finish with it, do you agree? Do you think 100 mg of winstrol would be too much or should I do half that those? I’m 5 ft 7 in + 178 lb 28 years old
  12. Finestgears

    What’s Winstrol? What kind of results can you expect?

    What’s Winstrol? Stanozolol is another name for Winstrol. It is one of the most commonly used oral steroids for saleyou can buy. Now, there are also some false ideas about them. Common beliefs include that 16 weeks of cycling will leave you feeling terrific. All of this happened without any...
  13. L

    Kickstarting my cycle

    I just started my injectable cycle doing testosterone and equipoise 400mgs each and I want an add to it an oral I am ready to take start my cycle with winstrol 50mgs a day. How long should my kickstart last?
  14. JimAbs43 Hardcore 22 - Halotestin and Winstrol PreContest Stacked Hardcore 22 - Halotestin and Winstrol PreContest Stacked
  15. V

    Domestic-Supply Domestic supply on point

    First time using domestic supply I ordered testosterone, Trenbolone, and Winstrol all together they shipped it out to me very quickly and I was very pleased with the delivery very discreet and I had no issues with anything damaged I'm only 3 days into cycle and I'm already feeling some hardening...
  16. J

    Cutting on steroids

    I'm 5 ft 7 in in a bit chunky. 34 years old Last couple years I haven't exercised enough. also my diet has been average I'm currently about 16% body fat I plan to cut down a little bit before my cycle. Would winstrol and masteron be good ones to use here?
  17. K

    What about this stack?

    Check this stack out and tell me what you think: 50mgs a day winstrol 250mgs a week trenbolone acetate 100mgs a week testosterone propionate I want to harden up and get leaner. I’m 13% body fat and 30 years old. 220 pounds and tall
  18. JimAbs43 Hardcore 19 - Clenbuterol and Winstrol PreContest Stacked Hardcore 19 - Clenbuterol and Winstrol PreContest Stacked
  19. A

    Steroids to boost vascularity

    I was looking at increasing my vascularity I'm currently at 8% body fat but my vascularity has never been very good even at a low body fat Which steroids would help here? Masteron Winstrol? Trenbolone? Equipoise?- i heard its good for vascularity cause it increases blood flow
  20. N

    hard recomp ahead

    recomping has never been easy for me I currently am 9% body fat, want to get leaner I weigh around 174 pounds and 5’10’’ 45 years old my plan as follows: testosterone 200mgs a week trenbolone 250mgs a week winstrol 25mgs a day 8 weeks good enough?
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