Best intraworkout supplements?


I was watching a youtube video and the guy was jacked, he was lifting heavy weight and was really pumped. He said at the end of the video that he recommended using BCAA’s mixed with powerade because it added sugar and amino acids to your muscles for a better pump and energy. Do you recommend doing this sort of mix or what else do you guys like?


getting pumps in the gym can be enhanced by taking certain supplements are by taking carbs beforehand. taking sugar during a workout will not work very well so he is wrong. besides i don't recommend gatorade ever, look what is in that crap


Neither. He can thank his genetics. Millions drink Gatorade - are they all jacked? No. Same with aminos
Aminos are useless unless you don't eat protein in your diet. Most of us are actually eating way too much protein anyways. I would never recommend gatorade/powerade. Just sugar drinks.