Credit Card Processing is BACK!! Please Read!



Starting tonight we are taking credit cards again!! You will no longer have to use MESH - we have heard you loud and clear. It took us some time, and we know how important it is to our customers to be able to pay with a credit or debit card.

Now when you check out you will simply add the items to your cart and checkout how you used to in the very beginning. No MESH verification or anything like that.

You will then receive a confirmation email from Ashley with a link to complete the transaction - this takes you straight to a window
It is going to be processed through one of our other companies so you will see a different name on your statement.

We also have a special offer for 35% off if you help us with leaving reviews on our online store with reviews about those particular products. These could be any products having to do with gaming, pets, COVID-19 masks, kids and baby products, etc...

Example: Once you buy from the link we share with you, it will show as a different item that you are buying (we obviously will know it's related to your invoice, but we cannot correlate the two with the merchant processors), if you leave a review for that product (i.e. video game controller, air purification mask..etc...) saying how much you loved the video game controller or how the air purification mask was perfect for your family or pet...etc., we will give you a coupon code for 35% off your purchase!

Basically, we need your help with this. If you can help us, we can make things easy as can be for you all with the checkout process.
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This is great news. I know a lot of guys were holding off on buying due to the issues. This is a great time to jump back in and get some good cycle orders in!


Awesome news here. I highly suggest also taking advantage of the 35% off for reviews. That is huge savings on these awesome quality sarms