EQ and the munchies


just started an EQ cycle and doing 800mg a week along with 200mg of test. now keep in mind before starting this cycle i quit smoking, and the other few times i tried to quit smoking my appetite went up a lot. well this go around i am eating everything i can and am always hungry. any way to reduce this hunger ?
How many meals a day are you eating? What are your macros?, fiber also?

Is the eq one time a week or are you splitting it?

There is anecdotal evidence out there about eq making your appetite go through the roof. If the eq is doing it's thing and training intensity is there you should be hungry. But you just started and eq has a long half life. That said the appetite could get worse once it fully kicks in. Having just quit smoking is probably not helping either.


dude, your not getting the "munchies" from eq this early in the cycle... im sorry but thats not happening.. you wouldnt be noticing that for some time.. . eq is an extremely long ester and takes a very long time to start to notice anything from it...


when you stop smoking you start tasting food again plus you aren't making your body sick, so of course the appetite goes up

it isn't a good idea to mix steroids and addictions. you want to cure your addictions first then use steroids later. combining the two has put you into this mess

Masonic Bodybuilder

EQ is known for that and so is the same effect when you quit smoking. This makes a ton of sense. Plus, you are running a pretty hefty dose of EQ. Some guys get hungry on any cycle too.

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Shouldn’t have been a broke boi and ordered some Primo.

Imagine, if you’d have put the money for cigarettes into a piggy bank for LEGIT primo.

Also 800mg of EQ is excessive AF. You could, ideally split that dose to 400mg and run it twice as long and let that puppy do it’s magic