First cycle plus , natural progression.


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excellent work brother, keep it up!!

Always Brother ! You know I am going as far as I can take this and than some 💪 if it's one thing that's very noticeable it's the way my androgen receptors have responded especially in my shoulders and delt areas its fascinating seeing it from and enhanced aspect, if anyone thinks it gets easier it definitely does not ! If you put in hard work and push you are still exhausted and have to earn this every step of the way, the other major benefits I have noticed is improved sleep quality and the rate at which I recover while eating in a calorie deficit is pretty amazing , natural I would be so beat up and worn down while in a cut, but with my cycle and the help from and it's pure quality, I am noticing a night and day difference each day in the gym and outside of it.


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6/30/20 update for Tuesday

Today was Bicep day

5x10 db standing curls (20lb db) 5 different variations of curls all 5x10.
Reserve curls 5x10 ( 20lb barbell)
Wide grip medium grip inner grip 5x10 for all 3 20lb barbell curls.
One arm cable curls 5x10 20lbs
Rope cable curl 25lbs 5x12

10lb dumbell (20 reps )
15lb dumbbell ( 20 reps )
5lb plate concentration curls 5x20

1 hour of cardio 3.2 speed walked 3.2 Miles burned 281 calories today all in all another great 2 hour workout.

Biceps are still weak and taking a bit of time to come around again and get stronger, eventually we will get them back stronger than before, truth be told I built my biceps with lower weight high reps, I'm not so much concerned with strength as I am with getting cut eye popping definition and crazy vascular look as I am cutting.

All in all was up by 7am hit the gym by 9am , and I had to help my dad clean out a property and haul it to the dump, so I got another hour of cardio in after my cardio which was awesome, seeing as it is 96% here today and humid as hell lol.

Overall I feel great and another day down, tomorrow is leg day 😎💪


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7/1/20 update for Wednesday

Today was leg day

Started out with squats
45 plate each side for 10
45 and a 25 each side for 10
45x2 each side 10 reps
45x2 each side 10 reps
45x2 and a 25lb plate each side for 10 reps
Dropped back down 45x2 each side for 10 reps

Moved onto leg extensions
5x10 145lbs

Ham string curls 5x10 120lbs

Leg press 5x10 5 45 plates each side

4 different variations of cave excercises 20lb dumbbells to finish today off.

Overall my legs are getting very strong! Few weeks ago these squats i struggled with. Ow i bang the reps out easy and it feels amazing.

Starting to see veins popping put in my legs which is awesome, each week my workouts are getting better and better.

Had to skip cardio today so I can continue to help my dad clear out a property.

Tomorrow might be a rest day and than back at it again havent decided yet

Worked out fasted again, its amazing how full I feel and how much i can handle and push myself no food, it's a wonderful experience so far on cycle.


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So I've been busy with family last few days so I didn't update, I have been working out all the days I didn't post.

So 7/3/2020 was chest day

Incline DB press 5 different variations
35, 40, 45, 50 , 55 and 60lb Db all sets of 10 on all 5 variations.

Cable flys 5x10 at 25lbs
Pec deck 5x10 140lbs
Flat barbell bench 45 each side 3 different grip widths 5x10 each grip width
Incline bench barbell press 25lb plate each side 5x15 3 different grip widths
Finished with 5lb Db isolation movements
5 different variations 5x10

Than went on a 2 hour hike with my daughter and it was awesome watching how fearless she is and how much she loves nature and adventures, we hike and explore nature as much as possible together.


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7/4/2020 back day

Barbell rows overhand grip and underhanded grip 5x10 and 5x10 each grip started with 45lb plate each side and ended with 45 and 25lb plate for 10.

Latpull 160lbs for 5x10 which is awesome before 100lbs and 140lbs was heavy after being out the gym for 2 months, being on cycle for the last month and some days my strength is going up on most exercises.

Cable row 5x10 140lbs 160lbs 180lbs and 200lbs that shocked the hell out of me rowing 200lbs like it was nothing, either its cycle taking full force or tom platz in my headphones id.say the latter.

Did some more rows from the floor 5x10 at 100lbs each set

Did some machine rows 5x10 at 150lbs

Finished with some db rows 20lb 5x10


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Nice, logging every workout, Dorian Yates style. When your Critical and analytical about your gains, progression is inevitable. Good shit brotha.

Agreed, I bounce all over the forums so sometimes I'm a little behind with the logs, had a great shoulder workout today that I will log later tonight, cant stop wont stop, appreciate the support.