halotestin experiences


I've always been tempted to use Halo but have been scared of the horror stories in terms of sides effects and aggression. is this stuff really that strong or is that a lot of bro science? someone told me they got super strong on it in just a few weeks and i read another person said the results are overblown.


i've used it myself and felt it was overblown. i always wonder if i just got bunk halo or not. but try it, domestic supply has it


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From what others have said in this post, if it increases anger and aggression to a degree you just could make stupid mistakes it's not worth it to me, unless you can control anger and keep emotions in check. I would go with a mildly different option as stated above.


rarely in my life have i just not liked myself all around... ive been disappointed with decision ive made many times and ive been down on myself many times but rarely has it been i just did not like myself altogether... the point of that statement is that two of the few times i felt that way, were one time on tren and one time on halo... its just not worth it... it most certainly works at a very high level but the risk vs reward is not even close to being there... there's plenty of much safer ways to get strong and to harden your muscles...