high doses of deca for joints?


I'm a bigtime powerlifter and as I get older my joints don't want to cooperate anymore. i get some cracking in my elbows on my heavy lifts and my knees seem like they need some lubrication on days I work out. was thinking about adding deca to my next cycle to help with this, a buddy said he uses 600mgs a week and it helps.


it might help him in the short run but him pounding more because he feels better is only going to cause more problems. you don't want to end up one of those painkiller junkies who need to take them after every workout when you are 55


deca DOES NOT HEAL ANYTHING! deca MASKS INJURIES... that can often make them worse once you stop using it... if you want REAL healing you would want mk2866 and mk677...
Deca will certainly make your joints feel better but they will not heal them. For actual healing I recommend any of the following products:

-Nutrobal 25mg per day - https://sarms.forsale/product/mk-677/
-Ostarine 25mg per day - https://sarms.forsale/product/mk-2866-2/
-N2JointRX 5 tablets per day - https://www.needtobuildmuscle.com/store/Health-And-Wellness-c27/N2Joint-RX-p319.html
-HGH - https://domestic-supply.com/hgh/
-Krill Oil 2-6 caps per day - https://www.needtobuildmuscle.com/store/Health-And-Wellness-c27/Krill-TS-p91.html