John Medows the biggest motivation for us!


John Meadows the man that never give up!

Today 08 August 2021 we lost one of the best coaches in bodybuilding and I cry like a baby , a IFBB pro athlete but mostly the most humble , kind , friendly man in our industry . John as no genetics and is mother and father die young to , but he never give up from is dream. He competes many times as amateur until he achieves is pro card with 42 years old when most of the people don’t believe he achieves is dream. But we all know when you don’t have the most pretty genetics structure you will never be a great pro athlete , so why push so hard to get pro and then be another one on stage ? I tell this because when we born with no genetics we need to push harder than the other to be good ( be the most hard and dry but this is the most dangerous part that kill Andreas Muntzer ) Let´s compare Flex Wheeler to compete and do well can use something like test , primo and anavar and someone with no genetics will need to run trenbolone , halo, masteron and a lot diuretics to be pealed and even doing that will lose to a Flex out of condition just because is pretty physique . As a coach nothing to say, if not the best ever probably top 3 best ever . As person I don’t know anyone that have something bad to say about him. The best ones always go first to heaven because Hell is here for sure. God bless him .

I will never forget when we talk he tell me “ Never give up, is I got pro at 42 years old you can also do the same because youhave better genetics than me”



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