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Starting Physique - I will be upgrading my camera game December, my Iphone quality has been messed up as my phone has bent more.

Upcoming Cycle:
Test C: 250mg / Week
Masteron: 600mg/ Week
Anavar: 100mg/day

Recovery Stack:
BPC 157 - 250mcg [1ml BAC into 5mg of BPC, taking 5IU per day]
GHRP6 - 100mcg 2x daily [1ml bac in 5mg of GHRP should yield me 2IU at 100mcg, gotta fact check that :) ]

Diet adherence is going to be on point and for when appetite crashes I will have some MK677 to boost me.
I should be fine on the Anavar but if I want to fill out a little I will throw in 10mg of dbol and MK677 at a minimal effective dosage :)


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Why would you want to increase your appetite if you're cutting?
Actually a fantastic question, cutting is strategic its not just a cease and desist of food consumption.
My target calories currently are still around 3k calories from clean foods, which isn't easy for me to eat normally! Nevermind when I am having appetite issues.

My lack of appetite is awesome once cuts get deeper :) But if I just let my natural shit appetite crash me we would see a big loss of muscle with the cut and a lack of fullness and a huge drop in strength


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You're looking very lean matches the stack. Keep the videos coming.
The stack starts tonight/tomorrow. This is just my starting point physique based on current dosages of all EP stuff. Just lower. Currently Anavar is closer to 50 and Masteron closer to 400 due to running low. But my stimulus package is on its way so the dose would go up.
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Two videos, two different days. Am currently in hypertrophy blocks so am doing some work thats a bit different from my normal heavy loads.
Here are two benchmarks of where we want to improve
6x6 goal is 315 - remember, the goal with this is not to grind but to be FAST
rep goal of 335lbs for 20 reps. Maybe 25 :)

My right elbow/tricep isn't 100% yet but it is definitely improving. Maybe come early next year I will try to build a competitive bench again but right now the focus is to get SHREDDED and grow some nice legs and glutes.

So follow the journey, ask questions and lets grow