Log #1


Growing Newb
LGD400310 mgs Morning
GW50151620 mgs Morning
S450 mgs 25Morning-25Afternoon
First go at Sarms. Currently running 12 week protocol on the stack posted above for the last week 1/2. I originally stated 2 1/2 weeks ago that I was going to start a log. Unfortunately I have been uninterested in it but felt it would be doing the people I promised a solid if I went ahead and logged it. So welcome friends.

On day 1 I went against the advice of DG and ran my ProHormone with my Stack (LGD, GW, S4) because at this point I only had 6-7 days left I thought what better way to trick my body into creating muscle then to blast both for a week before I settle down and run the 12 weeks of Sarms. The first day on (PH and Sarms) my workout was non-existent, I felt like a ghost. I stepped in the gym it felt like my body gained 10 pounds, I was dragging ass, I still put in work. I had little to no motivation besides sheer will and the hope I would wake up and kick it into 3rd gear anytime but it never happened. I felt heavy in the chest and almost drunk, my head was dull. Head felt weightless while my body felt heavy. It was a shitty workout because my mind was operating at approximately 50% and I was straining for that 50. In regards to the taste of Sarms, I’ve never did liquid shit, but I like the physical feeling of dropping this chemical in my mouth. It tastes like alcohol, like Tito’s or Smirnoff. I found it best to freeze a monster for 30 minutes. Take an ice cold sip, drop your chemicals on top of that and swallow, no harmful chemical taste or burn. I noticed that without juicing it, the chemicals would actually burn my tongue. The following 6-7 days my workouts were fuckin flames, I mean I was putting plate after plate on the hack squat. FINALLY benching in the 300s again for reps. Triceps are filling in nicely. Couple things I noticed, again this was while using both the ProHormone and the Sarms for 1 week.

Let’s talk about this last half week that I’m completely off of the Prohormone, and only ingesting Sarms. GW is one hell of a drug, If your an athlete or a warrior in the gym I can’t see how you wouldn’t want this in your repertoire. GW is awesome I’m basing this opinion on working out as in lifting weights primarily bodybuilding or powerlifting movements. I don’t get tired, not that u have an extra lung but your time under tension feels like a breeze while allowing you to anti up the force you generate through your muscles. It gives you freedom during your set. The LGD is giving me strength and I’m guessing it’s adding the weight. I’m now 211, week ago I was 204 to give you perspective. I didn’t realize how quickly 50 migs of S4 will tear thru a bottle, (less then 2 weeks) so I ordered two new bottles and cut my dose in half to last until I get my original dose back. I find it pleasing running the S4 at 20 migs for sleeping purposes, I felt that at 50 you feel it in the gym (can’t pinpoint my feelings on what it’s doing, there’s a noticeable decrease in strength coming down from 50 a day to 20.) I also find that with the S4 at 50 it’s a tad bit harder to sleep and the heart palpations are slightly more prevalent. At 20 I am more relaxed at night. My workouts this half week have been focused, a full mind muscle connect is happening. I am growing in confidence and size. I put on 8 lbs after coming off the Prohormone. The size is coming daily. I feel like a made man in the gym. I don’t feel Euphoric but rather Focused as fuck.

That’s all I have for now. I will try to clock in every week. Perhaps a pro and con panel. I have to really take some time and analyze, Im a lazy motherfucker. I’ll get it done. I had to re up on GW, S4, and I picked up a bottle of MK677 to use for the nights before arm days and Hamstrings because I want to beef those out. Learning as I go. So fair well for now. Next time I will go more in depth, it’s just hard to tell you how I feel while just coming off a month cycle of ProHormones. Shout out to DG.
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I'm glad you're running a log but why did you think you knew better than our resident expert?


Growing Newb
Log #2

I’m coming up on the 3 week mark, I starting taking a testosterone booster and enhancer stack as part of an intra pct from my prohomone. I was pretty shut down for about a week but since starting the pct I have noticed I am gaining my libido back day by day. Another thing that has been happening for 3 days is frequent urination during the night, I got up 7 times last night which is fucked (12 hours of sleep). I picked up some prostate support by force factor at Walmart so that should fix this problem within about a week or so. I cut down my S4 intake back down to 25 mgs a day once in the morning because like I said at 50 mgs it’s just putting more stress on my cardiovascular (I believe) and I’m just not comfortable keeping it at 50. I’m still gaining weight so I think I’ll stop taking creatine from now on, (Only taking 5mgs preworkout) Lately ive been feeling extremely depressed more than likely because I’m diagnosed with depression but also because I’m gaining weight and my estrogen levels may be high. I’m also taking 40 mgs of Liquid Clomid as part of my intra pct.

Strength- comes with the territory I guess I am surprised that I’m still making gains. For about a week off the Prohormone my gains were stagnent but this week they are pumping back up. I can attribute that to the weight I’m gaining as well. I feel kinda fat but I like it. Also last update I said I was going to add nutrabol to my stack, I changed my mind after listing to Dr.TonyHuge about not to stack as many sarms at once, they can saturate and be unable to be at their best potential. So I’m sticking with the LGD 10 mgs S4 25 mgs GW 20 mgs per day. Fuck that nutrabol I’m gonna give it to my nig because I want him to try it out. These Sarms are powerful as fuck I can only imagine if I had a test base of say perhaps 300 mg I would be Yoked up rn.
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