masteron enanthate vs propionate


I want to start a new cycle guys but just flat masteron. I know it's rare but I want to get with it and try the full mast stack, so which way to go for cutting enan or prop?
I can stack it but dont want to add more gear.


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If you want to use masteron alone dont expect huge results but you should go with enanthate, less shots and easier to use.


its not like one is going to give you better results over the other... its mast either way... its up to you... do you want a shorter cycle with more frequent injections or less injecting but a longer cycle...
You don't use mast to cut. It is fantastic for hardening but you dont want to even use it until you are at most 10% body fat. If you are looking to cut, just go with something like Cardarine with N2Slin.