okay to mix clen and anavar with other things?


I've been suffering some allergies lately and the doctors decided to put me on avelox for a sinus infection. avelox is an antibiotic and they said it would take at least a week for me to start feeling better if it works. my doctor did not know what anavar and clen were when i asked if it was okay to keep using them. what should I do with my cycle?
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I would find a doctor that knows what clen is. I get doctors not knowing much about var, but clen is approved for humans outside the US.

I agree with going2cycle, drop the clen and lower the var until your feeling better.


im more worried just about the clen use in general... do you understand the long term effects from it and do you also understand you cant use it long term? so then what when you have to stop using it? you have all these side effects, short and long term and for what?


if you have a sinus infection then stressing out your body more by using var and clen is not helping the situation.

this isn't a 3 day flu or a little cold that is annoying, this is a major health issue that can travel into your chest and make you sick for weeks or more. so you need to focus right now on getting better.


You'll be fine... I've used antibiotics on cycle many times and never even thought twice about it.


I'm not an expert on clen and var but for a large majority of people consuming dairy products is terrible for sinus/ear/most infections. When i was a kid I almost had to get tubes surgically implanted into my sinus' to drain my ear infections. I quit the cereal and milk and was fine in weeks. Almond milk is way healthier anyways. Only dairy I eat now is a little milk in my coffee.