Only the Brave: Euro-Pharmacies injectable ANADROL


OXYMETHOLONE - Drol 50 mg/mL (Injectable PWO)

Oxymetholone is known as a very potent AAS that can display significant increases with not only strength but an EXTREME noticeable change with muscle size/mass in a relatively short duration.

This oil injection has been compounded for the intent to offer users not only the convenience with by-passing the oral intake that at times can cause an uneasy feeling in the stomach/gastro region, hindering someone's appetite, this prolong sensation can protentional hinder gains due to lack of nutrient consumption.

This formula is extremely unique for many reasons; mostly due to its extremely popular method of use as a preworkout agent (PWO), displaying amazing increases with pumps, strength and size when administering 25-50mg 1.5-2h PWO IM. The results can be outstanding for almost any user.

With the oil injection version of Oxymetholone (Drol) it could help improve the appetite in some users by excluding the oral mobilization process that can off-set particular digestive enzymes. Therefore, administering even less dosages of the oil injection can prove to be more superior to original suggested and commonly known oral dosages ranging from 50-150mgs.

Why should Oxymetholone (Drol) be used for a PWO?
Drol is favored by many because it promotes protein synthesis leading to muscle hypertryophy & muscle hyperplasia, also as a PWO it will induce Sarcoplasmic hypertrophy into the muscle belly, this occurs when the volume of fluid in your muscle cells increase, giving a full look, THE PUMP!

Yes guys, here we go!!!
From today this (A)bomb will take possession of my body.

1 ml just injected. No pain to report, smooth like all EURO-PHARMACIES products.
Now I'm running happily in the gym (it's outdoors, I hope it's not too cold).

The developments of this cycle will follow in the next few episodes.

...stay tuned!



I injected Dianabol before, with reforvit but sterile damn thing was painful. Your anadrol @Phill hows the PIP? I heard your gold line was quality.


I took it yesterday in the left shoulder and did not feel anything. neither pip nor anything.

I have tried another injectable anadrol in the past and it actually burned quite a lot for 5-10 minutes.

euro-pharmacies is on another planet


Today I set the weight at zero.
In a short time I think (and I hope) to put 9-10 lbs and then another 6-7 so as to return to the weight already achieved before the pandemic.


Actual cycle:
400 mg test (split 2 x week)
400 mg masteron (split 2 x week)
50 mg anadrol PWO ED
all seasoned with EQ (until it ends) last 4-5 vials

Kcal 3500+
carbs 530-540
fats 30-40
proteins 250-270



Gyms are still officially closed, but you can train outdoors.
So saturday night I changed in the middle of the street, the locker rooms can't be used, I took off my pants, put on my leggings and put on my nice pink shoes that I haven't worn for months and months.
and then I went to train until evening late

No one can stop us, definitely not this virus.




After the first bottle I can say that I am well impressed with this anadrol.

It's like having "classic" anadrol without many side effects such as abdominal heaviness, nausea, absence of hunger ...

Sure, orals are very practical, an injection is more laborious and long ... but it's worth it!

Additionally this Euro-Pharmacies product, unlike many other oral inj., is pip-free

Seeing is believing.