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[email protected] source confirmed fake hgh


So I was skeptical about this source that I found on another forum which was opti.hgh and they have a protonmail email.
Lucky for me I have a hook up for blood work and I was able to get a good discount. I ran there human growth hormone 10 IU's and I went and got blood work done 2 hours later. Guess what? It's fake


Domestic Supply is well known as being an industry leader while being one of the most TRUSTED sites you can find! I would STRONGLY suggest you make the switch to Domestic Supply!

Fella Finn

Domestic Supply is the very best source that you will find. I would definitely take your business to Domestic Supply!

Masonic Bodybuilder

Dude, you were skeptical to begin with and should never follow through with HGH unless you are sure. Hopefully a lesson learned. Stick to Domestic-Supply next time.
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