planning new cycle for fall 2020


done about 7 cycle before fellas
what do you think of this big cycle?
test enan 500mgs/week
masteron enan 500mgs/week

28% bodyfat
290 lbs


That's too big of a cycle for 28% bodyfat and masteron wont do much at that bodyfat.
But you can still cycle, 250mgs test enan + 50mgs anavar/day + 20 gw + 30 cardazol

Master of Nothing

If you’re really 28% BF you’re not gonna see a damn thing on Masteron.

I recommend running therapeutic dose of Test (if your test is low) get bloodwork done first.

if your T is low here’s what I’d do:

T prop - 150mg/week 12 weeks (pin at least EoD)
GW - 6 caps a day for 12 weeks
Ostarine - 20mg/day weeks 1-8
DIET!!!! - Caloric deficit. Don’t deficit too much too early either and stall your metabolism, if you don’t know what I mean then your diet is absolutely not on point for steroids, regardless of how many cycles you’ve ran in the past.

if your T isn’t naturally low right now, get your diet and training in order. 28% BF is insane.


stop it right now ... at your body fat you have zero concept of diet and training.... OR you just got lazy and careless but both are bad either way... you have to get in the proper condition man and i dont give a shit what you take, if you cant get your diet under control you are spinning your wheels

Masonic Bodybuilder

At 28% body fat you could really have a ton of issues and side effects. You need to cut that in half before you even think of using steroids. They are not fat burners and will serve no purpose for you. I would look at things like Cardarine and N2Slin for a fat burning stack.

Those sites have the products I mentioned.