Project Get Shredded 2021 - $160,000 in cash prizes!


The countdown is on!

Guys..! Only 2 Days left for registration of upcomming contest "PROJECT GET SHREDDED".

This is the great chance to win such a huge prize!

$160,000 CASH in prizes!

Don’t miss out, This could be a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Go for it and register yourself!


(NOTE: As of June 5, 2021, the window for registration will close. We can not make any exceptions.)


Project Get Shredded 2021 - Registrations closed and it’s time to start your journals! 50% off for contestants !

Your first Project Get Shredded journal entry is due! Click here now to update !

For the first week ONLY, there will be a 1-week grace period. At a bear minimum, your first entry MUST be submitted by Sunday, June 13th!
You have only 1 week to post and edit your existing journal entry, at which point, no new entries or edits can be made. As an additional reminder, you MUST include a readable and dated-newspaper in your weekly update photos; this is a requirement for eligibility.

Journal entries, and their ensuing votes, are crucial to your success in this contest!

As a thank you to those who registered for Project Get Shredded 2021, we are very excited to offer you a 50% discount code: PGS50! Coupons are applied in the checkout process to all eligible items. This offer may not be combined with any other sale, promotion, coupon, HGH, and/or bulk discounts. However, you can add an additional 10% discount to your order by using Bitcoin or Litecoin in checkout.

Update your journal before it’s too late! Click here now to update
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