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sarms4sale scammer


sarms4sale sold me rubbing alcohol and called it sarms... true story
So you just joined Anabolex today and your first post is calling out sarms4sale a scammer, isn't that suspicious? hmm makes you think.

You provided no evidence, you provided no order number and you clearly are just trolling.

Are you upset at something? are you a steroid supplier mad? just be honest we aren't stupid. If you mad at something and want to take it out on suppliers we have on anabolex, why don't you just contact us and tell us you're unhappy with a post you see on the forum and here is why ".....".

Instead you create childish posts with fake claims without validity. Not the smart way of doing business.


bros sarms4sale is not a scammer, this user with 1 post came on to troll s4s
I'm on s4s Cardarine gw and ostarine mk right now, using 20mgs gw, 25mgs mk, strong gym grind

and OP, you are clearly a source upset at the forum, why not just be a man and come out?


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Sarms4sale has been around for almost 5 years, my last order from sarms.forsale was in November 2021, order #23873, can check it

I had my package to my door in 5 days, results were very good, helped my bridge after pct and I was stronger in the gym

used cardarine and testolone

the original poster here is just angry about something, 1 post and he's saying this nasty stuff, sounds like a troll to me


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The guy posting this thread is just angry at something else and trying hard to take it out on sarms4sale. It's just too obvious, he joined today with 1 post and the 1 post he has is attacking s4s, with no evidence and no proof.

Btw, s4s doesn't use alcohol so you are wrong there. Clearly made up story.

Here is a real review. I started my first sarms4sale cycle in 2020 so 2 years using s4s with success and good quality.


if sarms4sale is a scammer I'll eat my foot

i use s4s all the time, cardarine on each cutter


sarms4sale is not sarms.forsale I think

sarms4sale can be scamming for sure
but sarms.forsale s4s is legit I use them

Vadim Fedorov

This post makes no sense without proof, it is impossible for them to do that, knowing that we are watching after quality very closely

Fella Finn

Pure comedy here and you have less than zero credibility. Let us see proof of you having it tested please


The daily douche bag... oh boy... so you want to make your first post a call out of one of the most reputable sources out there, with one sentence, zero proof, not testing etc... yeah, very credible... why even waste the time to create an account, which took you longer to do, and then post something so ridiculous and only make yourself look even fucking stupider than you already are... smfh... i fucking HATE people like you