stacking HGH with mk677


Not sure if this can work so I need to ask. Have you stacked hgh day 1-2 followed by mk677 nutrobal day 3-4 and repeat? like push 1 after the other so the hgh exogenous and naturally pulse too.


That's a good idea, I would go with 3 days on 3 days off, like 3 days hgh 3 days mk677 and 1 day nutrozol 677. Rotate them.


As per previous replies of mine I don't see the point. Neither are suppressive but equally I'm not hearing of mega amounts of growth being produced or making a difference. Both are fine products on their own.
This gets asked all the time. You can certainly do it but you really have to keep close track and log it to see if it is any better than running each of the solo.