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SuperDrol ( Methyldrostanolone ) - 10mg/tab EP

Methasterone has a superior reputation as one of the most used AAS orals as of the past decade, with reports of modest to extreme lean gains in almost record braking time..In fact, it's highly effective for promoting extremely fast muscle growth while staying lean and dry..It's trade name derived from the remarkable similarities that it shares with Anadrol. Users emphasize that it can be equally or if not stronger than Anadrol, dubbing the name "super-drol"..

Super-drol gains: Depending on the users level of fitness and goals, 10mg seems to be the starting point for most while achieving dry lean gains, some users will increase the dosage in 10mg increments weekly until capping off at 30-40mgs..Dosages that high can be seen as rather extreme, while most advocate steady, lean mass with a modest dosages of 20mg ED for 4-5 weeks.

Super-drol is commonly used during a lean mass or cutting phase, due to a unique property that is possess, that is no estrogenic effects , thus no need to stress water retention like it's counter part ANADROL.

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