test is the best, why use other steroids?


wouldn't it make sense to just use test for all my cycle rather then trying different steroids and playing around with those? i've always had my best results with test anyway. so intead of using 500mg of test a week with another steroid, how about just rising the test dose for 1000mgs a week or 1500mgs etc.

Master of Nothing


nope. Test is androgenic, not anabolic therefore if you introduce a highly anabolic beast of a compound into your T you will see exponential gains of growth! Diet and training dependent*

So think of it this way:

“my car can’t get any faster without a turbo, turbos are the best so why even tune her? Why add cold air intake? Why not just get bigger custom twin turbos and I’ll keep increasing my speed!”

Essentially all these things can work together to make you better, you don’t need to be pounding a gram of test a week brother.

Here is some examples to help with a T base these are just examples for your research:

Op. A
12-16 Weeks
Test 350mg/week
Tren 350mg/week

Op. B
16-20 weeks
Test 200mg/week
Primo 700mg/week
Anavar 50mg/day (first 6 weeks and last 6 weeks)

Op. C
20 weeks
NO Test base
Primo 700mg/week
Dbol 30-50mg/day (first 6 weeks, last 6 weeks)

See? Endless possibilities that are better than 1G of test a week, and you’ll get better results that last longer!


so you like the more is always better concept?? which is COMPLETELY wrong... running a gram of test will just lead to far more problems, and will likely outweigh any good you get out of it... there's no reason nor need to run that much test..


testosterone is the hormone that scientists and wannabe chemistry gurus have tinkered with for 100 years. they added this or that here and there to create different steroids and named them to create better anabolic steroids that aromatize less/more, more androgenic/less, more anabolic/less, etc etc.

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Different steroids will have different effects so it is all dependent on the individual. If you want to blow up with water then a high test cycle is going to fit your needs. If you want a dry cycle then you would want low or no test and something like a DHT that does not aromatize.


In recent years mostly with introduction of Tony Huge Enhanced Athlete videos people start to believe low test is better when all the top athletes use alot of test . I know mens physique using 2gr test week and insulin too ( crazy? but real )
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