testosterone enanthate 1gram


this is my 3rd cycle and want to go with 1000mgs of test thats my goal
straight test and no AI
thinking do I need an AI or is it hype?
I did deca/primo cycle before but this time I want 1 gram of test straight up.


1000mgs of test no AI? that's going to mess up your estrogen badly unless you're flex wheeler. I suggest you at least use 20mgs aromasin/day and nolvadex daily, along with cardazol and ostarine.
If you are set on not using an AI I would significantly lower that test dose. At 1g you will absolutely run into estrogen related issues. I would recommend running 500mg with an AI or drop to 300mg and test it without an AI.


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well do it then.... don't expect anything miraculous except water retention and hight bloodpressure. sure you might gain a few lbs but it will just go away when you come off