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Hello how much Bacteriostatic Water I need for one Vial HGH.
And which date is the website ready to use. I will order more, direct from your site.
Hey man!

The website takes little time. Until we accept orders via email. It's also simple and easy.

To order high purity HGH at the best price, Kindly email us at: [email protected]
“The Provider-HGH King”


Hello how much Bacteriostatic Water I need for one Vial HGH.
And which date is the website ready to use. I will order more, direct from your site.
For me it depends on how many iu are in the hgh. If it’s 15iu/vial, I do 0.6 mls and split it .2-.2-.2 which gives me 5IU per pin
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